Washington Conference and the most important instruments adopted her

first world dealt a serious blow to dozens of countries - the losses were very high, the recovery of the population has been slow, between yesterday's enemies maintained a strained relationship.Particularly sharp was the contradiction between the top four countries - France, the United States, Britain and Japan.The reason for these discrepancies was a section of the Pacific Ocean and the forces of the Navy.

relations between the two countries escalated more and more, all clearly felt that a few years - and the new war will be inevitable.Then it was decided to convene a conference to which all the contradictions will be discussed and the country-opponents can come to a mutually beneficial solution that will prevent conflict.

conference venue was chosen the United States and in their capital and convened the Washington Conference in 1921.

should note the following: The Washington Conference was convened on the initiative of the United States - are expected to achieve the conclusion of favorable contracts for themselves.Officially, the main purpose of the conference was stopping movement of the peoples of the Soviet Union and associated countries.Remarkably, the Soviet government was not invited to the conference, as well as the Far Eastern Republic delegation was sent to Washington, she was denied admission to the conference.

From November 1921 to February 1922 passed the Washington Conference, and its solutions have been very important for the whole world.Especially important were three agreements: a "contract of four", "the Nine" and "contract of five."

Washington Conference signed a "contract of four" 13 December 21 years.This agreement, like the name implies, was attended by the four powers: the United States, France, England and Japan.The essence of this agreement is the agreement of all four countries jointly agreed to protect the territorial rights of the Pacific Ocean.In addition, the "contract of four" stipulated the breaking Anglo-Japanese alliance, which lasted since 1902.It breaks the alliance was due to significant pressure from the United States, as the union of England and Japan was directed against some of the US plans.

"Treaty of five" Washington Conference adopted just before its completion - February 6, 1922.The agreement also has a second name - the Washington Naval Treaty.It was attended by the following powers: France, USA, Japan, Great Britain and Italy.This agreement stipulated the need to limit the naval forces of the participating countries.Under the Sea Treaty, the advantage of the forces of the US Navy received.

Besides the US, some of the benefits of this agreement by the secured Japan and the United Kingdom.For example, the United Kingdom and the United States have been given Japan's commitment not to build bases in the Pacific Ocean east of 110 east longitude meridian.And the United Kingdom has kept its actual advantage because the tonnage of the Navy was not limited.

"Treaty of nine" Washington Conference adopted simultaneously with the "contract of five."This contract involved the following countries: France, Belgium, the United States, Britain, Japan, the Netherlands, Italy, Portugal and China.Under this agreement, all countries participating in it receive equal opportunities, and China is becoming a country that could be used by all (not just Japan, as planned earlier).Japan also pledged to waive China "twenty-one demands."

Only now China's rights in the contract have been somewhat restrained: from it were withdrawn, not all Japanese troops, and China itself had imposed a special tariff, strengthening its (China's) inequality.

The US government is making plans with respect to capture the best positions on the CER, but, thanks to the resistance of the disadvantaged in their rights of China and hurt the Soviet Union, these plans could not be realized.