The Byzantine Empire

fall of the Byzantine Empire with its capital in Constantinople, dates back to 1453.It has had a significant impact in various fields became the founder of Roman law, the legal system, which is the base for most of the world, the system of higher and school education.After all, the Byzantine Empire gave the world's first university.The financial system has been established, the existence of which lasted about a thousand years.Fundamentals of the art of diplomacy and laid it in the Byzantine Empire.Architecture, art ... It is not a complete list of achievements of the empire, whose existence lasted one thousand one hundred twenty-five years.

1203 - the year of the Fourth Crusade.At that time the Crusaders have refused to make trips on foot way, so the Venetians had to carry their transportation on ships, but the money for this service is not enough.Therefore Venetian side proposed instead of paying debts to take residents of Zadar (trading city on the Adriatic Sea).The crusaders agreed and fulfilled this condition, but funds are not enough of Zadar to the Venetians had no complaints.So from their side followed by a proposal to hear the views of Constantinople, which at that time was an atmosphere of discord between uncle and nephew - Alex and Isaac Angel - for a place on the throne.

One of the parties appealed to the crusaders, promising decent amount of money for the restoration of the throne.So, the Crusaders, after looting, took Constantinople.Make a promise to pay a large sum of Angel failed, because simply did not have the necessary amount, so the answer was the Crusaders robbery.They were stolen all shrines of Constantinople, including the shroud of the Lord, hundreds of tons of coins, decoration of churches, works of art.The Byzantine army could not compete with one of the strongest and powerful at that time the army of the Crusaders, so was unable to prevent theft.

Thus, in 1204 there was a final break of western and eastern world.The Byzantine Empire in the West - is a territory where there is heretical views and moods.But in spite of this, foreign traders do not disdained to occupy a leading position in the economy of Byzantium and its market.

What caused the fall of the empire?The problem, which has led to a deterioration of the economic situation of Byzantium, was the loss of state control over the funds and outflow of capital in the West.Moreover, over time, there was a national issue that could not pass unnoticed.The emperor and top government officials until that time could be representatives of any nation.The main emphasis was on management performance and business acumen.But the West was considered representative of the barbaric and wild world.

wave of nationalism led to a split among the peoples living in the Byzantine Empire.West did not miss the opportunity to take advantage of the situation and began to convince the Bulgarians and the Serbs, the Greeks for many years oppressed their identity.Planting of these ideas led to several revolutionary movements and the strong recommendation of the West to overcome the Serbs and the Bulgarians from the empire and their accession to the European world.Thus, these nations for many years to come under the yoke hard by the Turks.

Byzantine Empire, besides those already mentioned, finds another problem - the growth of discontent from the remote areas of the capital, the level of life is dramatically different from life in Constantinople.

At the end of the XIII century in Byzantium was formed two parties with opposite views.The first urged to develop, relying solely on their own resources, and expand the potential of the country, the second - pro-Western - advocated the restructuring of institutions of the empire, in accordance with the Western model.Supported by Europe, the party pro-Westerners won.As a result, a series of reforms that led to the complete helplessness of the empire to his enemy - the Ottoman Sultanate.

fall of Constantinople was the result of its last siege by the Turks.Despite offering outstanding caster Urga create necessary to withstand the onslaught of the Turkish guns, the emperor, but to the answer, the other could not give.The treasury was empty of the Byzantine Empire, and wealthy citizens refused to finance this plan.Thus, the representative of the scientific world, with the same proposal appealed to the Turkish Sultan Mehmet.He agreed to provide the necessary funds.So, thanks to the Byzantine school student, was sealed the fate of the Byzantine Empire.

As a result of this event was added to the westerners and pro-Turkish party, whose main task was to lead the board of the capital.

May 29, 1453, after a long siege of the city, Turkish troops managed to break through.Defenders, fearing the onslaught, fled.Thus, the Byzantine emperor was alone among the opponents.Stab in the back by one of the representatives of the Turkish side has caused the end of life of the Emperor Constantine XI Palaeologus.

Byzantine Empire ceased to exist.