"Matsesta tea".

Some time ago the production of tea in the Krasnodar region.The products manufactured by JSC "Matsestinsky tea."Plants are grown in the plantations of the Krasnodar Territory.It is dominated by a climate that is most appropriate for the tea bushes.Summers are warm and sunny, and winter is not cold respect.It is going "Matsesta tea" mainly in autumn or late summer, after which the leaves are processed in accordance with GOST.The manufacturer produces three types of production.


  1. Classic black long leaf drink.
  2. Green "Matsesta tea".
  3. tea drink with the addition of thyme and oregano.

Each of these packaged in disposable bags or left in a crumbly brewing.

Choosing cookware for tea

Before you cook this or that kind, it is necessary to choose the right dishes for brewing.Prefer container glass.In it you'll have to prepare a fragrant and delicious drink, retaining most useful properties.

Mugs in which sealed packaged product must also parboil before cooking.Prefer thick glass keeps heat.In such a packaging your tea will remain hot and tasty for a long time.

Guide to the preparation

"Matsesta tea" is available as a crumbly leaf, and in packaged form.From which option you choose depends on the method of its preparation.Preparation of green type of drink does not differ from the black sheet.

Crumbly sheet

Krasnodar tea "Matsesta", produced in the form of crisp leaves must be brewed in a special container.Before you pour the tea, rinse the container with boiling water.Then put a few tablespoons of products in it and fill it with boiling water.The drink should stand 10 to 15 minutes, after which you can proceed to tea.

Packaged "Matsesta tea"

For the lazy and constantly hurrying people manufacturer produces tea leaves, packed in bags.Each of them has an individual package, which allows you to always take with you your favorite drink.Such packages are able to protect the tea leaves from moisture.

Take one bag and put it in a mug.Pour the boiling water and allow to drink brew for 5 minutes.Green kind of tea can be brewed up to 7 minutes.After this time, remove the bag and enjoy your favorite taste of Krasnodar tea.


Tea "Matsesta" feedback is extremely positive.It is ideal in every way.It so say people who use it.

Most tea drinkers have tried this drink once, forever abandoning the products of other manufacturers.Due to its inexpensive cost of it is available to everyone.

Krasnodar tea has a great invigorating fragrance and does not contain flavorings and colorings.It becomes clear after a few minutes of brewing.Color black drink mostly pale brown.Green tea also has a light, translucent shade.


Krasnodar tea is available in packs of 50 and 100 grams.Packaged species has a convenient package with a hole, from which you can get bags without opening the box.

average price range for brewing the beverage is from 50 to 80 rubles, depending on the region and provider.

Follow step by step instructions to prepare the drink.If desired, add honey, lemon, sugar or your favorite jam, but even without these products Krasnodar tea is incomparable taste and aroma.

Try gorgeous "Matsesta tea" and you will never want to drink anything else!