What is fake?

What is fake?This question can be heard today from both the younger generation and from grandmothers who want to better understand their grandchildren.The word has come to us from the English language, which has several meanings.In a direct translation of "fake" is a counterfeit or forgery.

Feick - what does it mean?Imagine a picture: you go to the store where they sell expensive shoes of famous brands.You liked the boots, but you know that you can accumulate the amount drawn on the price list, at best, only the following winter.What are you doing?The guide to the nearest market, which are sure to find a replica of the favorite boots.Yes, it will not be Italian shoes (although the sellers will convince you in reverse), and, for example, the Turkish, but its price will be affordable for you.What is fake?This is a pair of boots that you bought in the market.

very widely adopted this word in the Internet space.Today, almost all well-known personalities, be they politicians, athletes and stars of show business, create their own pages on social networks.And, of course, there are people who want to earn a famous name or just to spoil him.Spammer registered friends with the star, thereby obtaining access to personal data, photos, videos which are stolen to create a parallel account.So there is a clone of the star.And this is a new meaning of the word fake.But very often the life of this kind of short-lived clones.This is due to the fact that well-known personalities often updates the information on its pages, filling them with new photos or video reel, but spammers do it much more difficult.

Fraudsters can work not only with stars.They are pretty girls, they pay movies and photo shoots, leaving the entire footage in his possession.Then you create an account in social networks, who briefly updated and supplemented by footage.But as soon as an update to an end, the administration of social networking accounts such bans clones.

more experienced spammers are much trickier: they create this cloned account several tens or even hundreds.What is fake?All these "relatives" will be registered in friends with the main clone (fakes) and will also be fakes.

What are the objectives pursued scammers?Well, first of all - money.On the star accounts, as well as the usual, exhibited advertisement.These pages are visited daily by thousands, millions of people.Imagine the number of visits to the pages VVPutin, for example.And how many men in their spare time will want to look for Anna Semenovich, to evaluate its new naughty photos, watch her next clip?Or how many women will want to review the photos of Valery Meladze?And if these pages there is advertising, what is the probability that some of the visitors will go on sponsored links?Very large.Can a woman listening to a new romantic song Meladze not glance at a page with exclusive lingerie, which is touted account favorite artist?This means that the task of the spammer made on the dates and sites added visitors.

What is fake and why we fall for the bait swindler?Any social site may be the subject of cloning.Appearance and Faika menu is very similar to the real one.That's because at the entrance to fake us not strain the standard procedure of registration.We safely we enter your login and password in the appropriate fields, and this special second becomes a client database of spammers.And they, having our personal data, start sending spam to all our friends and acquaintances.