What is the composition and what is its purpose in the visual arts

Those who want to learn to paint, it is important to know about what is composition, and what are its types and rules.After all, to paint a picture or draw a picture, you need to have a clear idea of ​​what you want to see the output.Therefore, it is necessary to consider all the details, the location of objects and characters, the plot.Translated from the Latin word "composition" refers to the combination of the compound, the composition of the different parts and elements into a coherent whole, in order to convey his idea, or an idea.Try, for example, draw a simple still life, not having built his composition.Most likely, he did not get the image in the center of the sheet, but somewhere on the side.And his eyes will not throw what you have drawn, and white space.Or it happens that some object simply does not fit, because you have not complied with the proportions, violating composition.

The following types of compositions that are useful not only in the visual arts, but also in architecture and des


- Front - is flat with little depth.When it is necessary to consider the creation of its flatness, whether it be a painting or a relief.To fulfill this requirement should take into account the nature of color and tonal contrasts between the elements and their textures and lines that form a plane, or destroy it.

- volume - has three dimensions: width, height and depth.This composition can be seen from all sides, and thus none of them will not look flat.

- deep-space - is used in case of creation of all kinds of interiors.It is built from a variety of all kinds of objects of different sizes, shapes, textures, destination.But all of these things together to form a harmonious whole and complement each other.

In addition, there are special rules for species composition.They aim to ensure that the artwork was the most expressive and fully reflects the Creator's plan.For example, the composition can be built on contrasts, with it in every sense of the word.It may be a combination of plot (good-evil, fun, sad, calm, dynamic, etc.), and contrast values ​​(large, small) and color or tonal contrast (light to dark and dark to light).That's what the composition is constructed and thought out properly.

Learn to draw to start with the most simple things, the best geometry.This will gradually sharpen and good eye and accuracy of lines, and a sense of form and color, and technique.Try to draw a regular cube.And then paint it the same, but slightly expanding it.Place it on the sheet so that it seemed neither too large nor too small.When bit nabete hand, add to the cube of another object such as a prism, which height is greater than or less than the cube.Feel that this composition: arrange the items so that they looked harmoniously.The larger the object is necessarily behind smaller.

So, very slowly, but surely, you will learn how to locate objects and make them build and measure their relationship to each other.What does this mean?And the fact that only measured, it is possible to achieve precision of drawing, to one of the items on it did not look larger or smaller original with respect to another element.And the line for these purposes is not completely necessary (however, once you are an artist, she is now you do not need all draw by hand).You need an ordinary pencil that you draw.Pick it up and held vertically (if you want to measure the ratio of the height of objects), point to your nature, stretching out his hand forward.Select a smaller object.Prischurte one eye and point pen so that its apex coincides with the uppermost part of the subject.Now put a finger at the point of a pencil, which coincides with the lower part.All you have fixed height.Now, holding the "lock", move it to a larger object and check how much height a little fit in height.After this measure as a pattern.So a simple way you can measure any proportion.

Hopefully now you become more clear that such a composition, and what is its purpose.Thanks to the knowledge of the most basic fundamentals of it, you can create any kind of artistic works.