What is morality

Morality and morality - these are the words that are used as synonyms.These terms can be used interchangeably.Let's try to answer the question: what is morality?

general, morality - is revealing of free will, the internal installation of the individual, which is based on specific principles, norms and ideas.That it is able to determine how we will behave in a given situation.Moral qualities are formed in us every day and every minute, from the moment when we began to make various kinds of decisions.The level of morality can characterize the person from different angles.It is expressed both in terms of man to himself and the people around them.

Society sets its own ideals, but that does not mean that we should be as if he had just come out of the incubator.We must have individuality, personality.Each of us has to be a kind of incarnation of social values, but the embodiment of unusual.Template does not exist, and the way of life for everybody.

However, it should be noted that almost all actions and

try to repeat the fate of others.We are inclined to this, but such an attitude often leads to disappointment.And creative years in this respect the most vulnerable.Often we get lost in life, or in some situations.Devotion changes the hypocrisy and kindness to deceive.What is morality?This understanding of life, as well as evaluation of any actions.It is a choice of conscience, which we commit to some extent consciously, and in some - not.

What is morality?How to describe it?If there is such a thing, then it should be possible to identify and separate the quality that could describe it.The moral quality - that compassion, honesty, kindness, lack of aggression, reliability, generosity, sincerity, peace-loving, hard work, honesty, and so on.Everyone can find and name its quality.Of course, do not forget about understanding and love, but also about respect.Note that there is no true love without respect.

What is morality?If we consider the representatives of certain professions, it must be said that the judge should have justice, soldier - courage, and for the doctor important moral quality - that compassion.

How to achieve manifestation of such qualities in a child or adult person?It's simple: the appropriate training to help do everything as it should be.Moral education - is a complex process that has to be focused.Also, a continuous process, which breaks are not allowed.This close interaction between the teacher and the pupil.Of course, the teacher should have the moral quality.Raise the moral personality - it is not easy, it requires patience and a lot of time.By the way, many teachers can not do it.Why is that?Yes, because they are too confident in their methods and do not understand the importance of experimentation.Surprisingly, new for these people too often unavailable.

Form personality is not so simple.The provider, in this case, and shall give an example in different situations.Of course, every stance should be explained and disassemble.Modern education requires special methods.It should take into account the age peculiarities of personality, readiness to accept this or that information, as well as its understanding and analysis.Morality in varying degrees, every person, just someone she "sleeps", and someone - no.You can wake her.The methods are numerous.Just try to be all better, kinder, wiser.