Determine calorie salad "Caesar".

Do you know how to prepare salad "Caesar"?Calorie it you know?If not, we recommend that you read the article.It contains recipes for this salad, as well as information about its calorie content.


you carefully watch the figure and try to maintain a normal weight?Then, before you cook a particular dish, it is necessary to determine its calorie content.Salad "Caesar" is known and loved all over the world.His happy to eat the adults and children.

main ingredients of the salad are crackers, cheese (preferably "Parmesan") and boiled chicken.Together, they have a low calorie content.Salad "Caesar┬╗ today do differently.Some housewives are classic recipes.Others are experimenting, adding additional ingredients in the dish.Because of this, it is increasing its calorie content.Salad "Caesar" dressed with mayonnaise, olive oil or cheese sauce.It all depends on your taste preferences.

classic recipe


  • 300 g chicken (preferably fillet);
  • Garlic - 2 cloves;
  • 150 g of cheese;
  • 2 tbsp.l.butter;
  • tomato - 1 pc .;
  • bunch of green salad;
  • 6 slices of white bread;
  • sauce "Caesar" (sold in the store).


  1. lettuce is washed with water from the tap.After they dry off, torn into pieces and put them in the refrigerator.
  2. pan was set on fire.At the bottom lay out a spoonful of butter.Wait until it is completely melted.Embark on a pan chopped garlic plates.Lightly fry.
  3. Chicken meat cut into medium-sized pieces.We spread in the pan to garlic.Fry, turning on the one side to the other.
  4. In the same frying pan, melt the butter should be again.Put a plate of garlic.Take white bread (no crusts) and cut into cubes.Add to the pan.Fry until golden brown.Then spread the croutons on paper towel.Pinpoint 10 minutes.During this time, excess oil to soak into the paper.
  5. Tomato washed in running water and ground strips.
  6. One cup combine the above ingredients.This chilled pieces of lettuce, tomatoes, chicken and garlic.Add the sauce.Crackers best throw in the end.Stir nothing.So, we have prepared a classic salad "Caesar".Calories per 100 grams is 171 kcal.

recipe salad "Caesar" with shrimp

Product List:

  • Eggs - 2 pcs .;
  • 200 g shrimp;
  • 2 tbsp.l.balsamic vinegar;
  • lettuce;
  • 100 g of cheese;
  • 0,4 kg chicken (fillet);
  • 1 tbsp.l.mustard;
  • 150 ml of olive oil;
  • spices;
  • 200 g white bread;
  • 1 tbsp.l.sugar.

practical part:

  1. Wash the meat with water.Making it a few notches.Rub the chicken with salt, olive oil and your favorite spices.Spread on a baking sheet.We send in preheated oven.Bake for half an hour (at 200 ┬░ C).Then pull out the meat and give it to cool.
  2. Make croutons.To do this, we will send the pan chopped garlic.Fried using cooking oil.We took out the garlic and spread on a plate.The fire did not turn off.Immediately throws cubes stick to the pan (the flesh) and fry them until golden brown.
  3. Eggs do not need to boil.Just put them in a cup of boiling water for 2 minutes.Then poured the eggs with cold water.We took out the yolks.We put them in a separate bowl, add vinegar, sugar and mustard.Mix.Pour the specified amount of olive oil.We had a flavorful sauce.
  4. Lettuce run up and wash your hands.
  5. Take a large cup.We spread it pieces of lettuce.Pour sauce.Put coarsely chopped chicken and cooked and peeled shrimp.Again pour sauce.Sprinkle with our salad croutons and grated cheese.Gently stir ingredients.The dish is ready for serving and its subsequent use.Calorie Salad "Caesar" with chicken and shrimp - 200 kcal / 100 g

unusual recipe

food set:

  • avocado - 2 pcs .;
  • garlic;
  • 3 slices of loaf;
  • salad dressing;
  • chicken breasts - 4 pcs .;
  • lettuce;
  • 3 slices of bacon.


  1. Chicken breasts rub spices.Spread on a baking tray with slices of bacon.We send in the oven.After 10 minutes, turn the meat on the other side.Pinpoint another 15 minutes.Chicken should be cut the same pieces as bacon.This is very important.
  2. lay on a clean baking loaf cubes.Top sprinkled with oil and sprinkle with herbs.Put in the oven.Bake until the croutons are not yet acquire a golden hue.
  3. Lettuce and Avocado cut into cubes.
  4. Take a salad bowl.Mix it avocado, lettuce, croutons, bacon and chicken.Mix.Pour sauce.It can be purchased in the store or made at home.The result is a fragrant and unusually tasty salad "Caesar".Calorie this dish does not exceed 180 calories.

In conclusion

As you can see, in the preparation of various dishes can decrease or increase the calorie content.Salad "Caesar" is a prime example.Those who controls every calorie eaten, fit the classic recipe.You are about to make a salad for the whole family and want to use additional ingredients?Then take a look at the other two recipes contained in the article.