How do you decide which bank is better to take the credit

author of this article is in one of the large European banks, which are widespread in Russia.Familiar with the specifics of financial services, in particular loans and credit cards.This article will not be advertising specific companies, however, you will find helpful tips to help you determine which bank is better to take the credit.

What is credit?Let us not seek to dictionaries and teaching materials for employees of the bank for a clear definition.We note only that the loan - a financial service for which you pay.You pay the hairdresser because it makes you a haircut.Pay the travel agency for the proposed permit and visa.And pay the bank for the fact that you are giving money now.Of course, you could save money on their own.You could wait six months, a year or a couple of years.However, this is not always justified: it is sometimes better to overpay, but to get the desired item in the near future.For example, you have a broken TV.You could save up to six months for a new TV, but it is better to take out a bank loan and spend the last six months with the necessary comfort.And some areas of life - medicine, education, the important events of your life - is urgent.And then you have to pay attention to the financial services market and decide which bank is better to take the credit.

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Free cheese is only in a mousetrap.Each bank must obtain a loan income.Agree, no bank would not exist if it were not received from their customers considerable interest.However, not all such enterprises work quite openly.In some cases, you may encounter unforeseen costs.

How do you know which bank is better to take a loan?

First contact only in the world's major banks with a solid customer base.In the well-known Internet portals, you can get acquainted with the rating of the bank, to find out how much their customers, how many years they work in the market.The reliable large institutions served 20 million customers.If the company appeared on the market relatively recently - you run a high risk, it is decorated in a loan.However, the difference between the two big banks with a customer base of 20 million customers and 30 almost there, looking at the current rates, rather than the bank itself.Tariffs in such institutions are constantly changing, so companies offering the minimum bid in the past year, it may be quite expensive, given the situation of the current year.

Second, find out if the bank takes a fee for the service over the interest on the loan.Today, this is quite rare, but it is necessary to clarify this point.Some banks are removed from their clients money card service, which was listed credit.Since you may require additional funding for insurance for the service sms-alerts and much more.To rid themselves of surprises, ask the expert, arrange the loan, what the exact amount you have to pay with all the additional costs.Employee well-known bank will not be able to hide the truth from you.

Thirdly, find out if provided on your rate of early repayment.Repay the loan ahead of schedule, you will significantly reduce the overpayment, saving on extra percentage.Always try to pay the loan before - parts or completely.It will be for you a very reasonable operation.However, before the transfer to his account a larger amount, call your bank.Probably, you would first have to write an application to recalculate percent.

Fourth, before you get a loan from a bank, ask to calculate your overpayment.The annual interest rate does not reflect the overpayment.The actual overpayment is calculated on compound interest.The rate of 70% per annum may result in an overpayment of 20-50%, depending on the amount and term of the loan.Going to the financial business, take your time with the statement "I want to take out a bank loan," ask more about current rates, the monthly payment and the necessary documents.Most banks can get credit for two main instruments, but with a maximum interest rate.In determining which bank is better to take a loan, be sure to take the certificate 2NDFL form and a certified copy of the work book - it will help you reduce costs.Be careful and deliberately choose a bank, then you will be able to protect themselves from all sorts of troubles.