Which battery is better to use in apartment buildings, and which - for heating the private sector?

Today the market offers the consumer a huge selection of heaters, but, despite this, many customers still prefer conventional batteries and radiators.

What better battery warm?

To begin, consider the pros and cons of the Soviet iron battery, which has long been associated with us with an integral part of the interior of an apartment or house.The main advantage of this type of heating is undoubtedly the durability of operation, shall be calculated not only years, but decades.

Despite this, the basic and the main drawback of this type of battery is low rate of heat transfer, which is less than one hundred and fifty watts.This is due to the fact that the cast iron radiators have very thick walls, spent a huge amount of heat energy for heating.But for the most ardent supporters of cast iron batteries designers have developed new models that fully meet modern requirements to conserve heat expenses.

Which battery is better to put in the private sector?

Once appeared on the market, aluminum radiators, many consumers immediately appreciated the huge variety of shapes and forms, affordable price, and a heated instant high heat of heating devices.The disadvantage of this is heating the material - aluminum, which does not have a particular strength.The use of such radiators in apartment houses are not recommended because of frequent surges in our heating systems and the high risk of rupture of the battery and various leaks.

When using the high acidity of the coolant is another feature of the chemical of aluminum can lead to undesirable consequences, such as corrosion, and decrease in the density of the walls of the radiator.But if you ask what is better to put the batteries in the private sector, the answer is unequivocal: aluminum.They will be the most convenient and economical choice, because their heat is one hundred ninety-watt that will help you really save on the costs of municipal services.

Which battery is better to put in an apartment?

for space heating in the apartment house is best suited bimetallic radiators.They have almost no disadvantages, but the advantages, as they say, is obvious.They have high technical and performance very quickly heat have low thermal costs are not afraid to surge heating system.The internal parts of the battery are made of copper and steel, which by means of hot forming of aluminum body worn.The cost of bimetallic radiators is slightly higher than the aluminum or cast iron counterparts, but they will serve you faithfully for many years and help save money on utility bills pretty decent amount.

Summarizing all the above, we note that to date, each user can make his own decision on what battery it is best to heat his home.