How to choose a radar detector

If you do not know how to choose a radar detector, then this article will be useful to you.First of all, you need to understand the difference between a radar detector of radar detectors, because many people think that this is the same thing, while they are completely different devices for different purposes.

Thus, a radar detector is a compact monoblock or separate electronic device, detecting, processing and notifying others about the imminent presence of traffic police radar in its field of action, which emit radio waves or laser beams, detection of which is due to its settings.In other words - a passive receiver receiving a signal, but not its damping.

Unlike radar detectors, car radar detector is an active device capable of generating high-power interference on certain radio frequencies, or to modulate the detected frequency response, more powerful than the outgoing radar signal DPS.Thus, the bearing arrangement will not give personal or modulated speed trap warning will result.But if you've already started to think about what to buy a radar detector, you can only dream about it soon, because these devices in many countries is prohibited by law, the violation of which threatens a large fine or criminal punishment.

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Yet one type of radar detectors is not banned in Russia - a laser, the so-called "shifter."This device can modulate the response signal by shifting down the frequency band (in English «shift»), the result is transferred to the distorted (by an order smaller) information on the speed of the car at the traffic police radar.However, such devices are very expensive, so not everyone will be able to buy them.

Before you choose a radar detector is to find out some information on the frequencies on which the traffic police working device.Now traffic police radar use several of their species: K-band (24.15 GHz), X-band (10.525 GHz), is in the process of implementation of Ka-band (34.7 GHz).At the same time, the devices are either constantly emits a pulse.Now used primarily the second type of radar.This should take note when choosing a radar detector.

also need to pay attention to the set on the device mode.They exist several types: Ultra-X, Ultra-K, POP ™, Instant-On.Device tumble Ultra-X is set to X-pulse mode range.Ultra-K-K detects wave range.POP ™ can recognize Ka-band signal, and K. Last modification Instant-On allows you to stably detect the X-band pulsed.

When you think about how to choose a radar detector, keep in mind that it is intended for early information, because consider such parameters:

- Range direction finding signals.

- the ability to recognize all modes and ranges used in radar DPS.

- speed processing of incoming signals.

- The ratio of the probability of false and real signals.

- The reliability of the results of their treatment.

- Quality and reliability.

- Additional functions.

Based on these characteristics of the device are made in three categories: low, medium and high-end.

budget used for the production of low-cost technology combination that affects the functionality of the devices, as well as their reliability and quality.This category includes devices Chinese (Star) and Korean (Crunch) manufacturers, and they cost up to $ 150.Reliability and quality of recognition is best for devices Star.And Crunch is famous for a good set of features and range of operation.

Radar Detectors middle category are issued only well-established brands: Cobra, Whistler, Super Cat, Beltronics, PNI.Naturally, they are slightly more expensive - from $ 200 to $ 500, but their quality is much higher.

about elite units and have nothing to discuss - their name says it all.It is expensive and highly reliable high-quality models presented by manufacturers such as Escort, Valentine One, Beltronics.

So, before you choose a radar detector, carefully review the submitted POS devices and determine the best option, being guided by the above characteristics.