What is it - the strongest acid?

Many people try to find out for themselves the answer to the question of what it is - the strongest acid.Understand this is not very difficult, but you need to read professional literature.For those who just want to know the answer to this question, this article was written.

Many believe that the strongest acid - hydrofluoric, because it is able to dissolve the glass.This judgment is virtually unfounded.In the understanding of most other strong acid - sulfuric acid.The last statement is quite logical explanation.The fact that sulfuric acid is a very strong among those used in the industry.In contact with living tissue it can carbonize flesh, leaving severe burns that heal long and problematic.Its production does not require any material costs.And we can say with certainty that it is not the strongest.Science knows so-called superacids.It's about them, go on.And in everyday life the most common of the strong acid is sulfuric yet.That is why it is dangerous.

Many contemporary chemists believed that the strongest acid in the world - carborane.This is confirmed by the results of thorough research.This concentrated sulfuric acid is more powerful than a million times.Its feature is the ability phenomenal stored in a test tube, which is not possessed by many other substances from said row.The chemical composition of which was considered the most pungent, can not be stored in glass containers.The fact that the carborane acid has substantial chemical stability.As similar to her substance upon reaction with other reagents it endows them with the charges of hydrogen atoms.However, remaining after the reaction composition, although it has a negative charge, but is very stable and can not act on.Carborane acid has a simple formula: H (CHB11Cl11).But get ready material in a conventional laboratory hard.It should be noted that it is normal water more acidic over time trilliard.According to the inventor, the substance appeared in the development of new chemicals.

Hydrofluoric, hydrofluoric acid and other strong list of the most corrosive substances contains.Industrial agents there are not included.However, still need to be afraid of such common acids such as sulfuric, hydrochloric, nitric and others.I would not want to scare anyone, but to carry out attacks on the health and appearance of deliberate mutilation used as a rule, it is the substance of this list.

interesting fact is that among the fatty acids, which are found in foods, the most powerful is the ant.It is frequently used for preserving fruits and medical purposes, but only in the form of a solution.

necessary to say once again that the strongest acid is a carborane.But today you need more wary of substances that are used in industry and everyday life.Chemistry - quite useful and complex science, but widespread production of simple compositions do not require special knowledge, and therefore acid and produce in sufficient quantities only.This creates an increased risk in the event of rough handling or disposal of bad intentions.