What are the worst horror movies?

Many of us love horror movies.Some of them prefer to look to tickle your nerves.Few people know that the horror as a genre emerged long before the advent of cinema and television.At the end of the eighteenth century, at the height of the revolution in Paris organized presentation with the "ghosts" ghosts and monstrous individuals.The then superstitious French were terrified, but still going to look at this "Hell."And the solution was easier than many think: in an abandoned chapel several artists catered to special mobile screens depicting evil spirits.This view is called "Phantasmagoria".

At the end of the eighteenth century literature had such a direction as a Gothic novel.It is in this style were written works such as "Frankenstein," "Dracula" and other horror movies.The most terrible dreams seemed to come true soon after the two Frenchmen - the Lumiere brothers - have invented a special apparatus, which became the ancestor of the modern TV.In 1896, the film adaptation of the novel "The Castle of the Devil" shocked thousands of people.Actors were demons and skeletons.Increasingly began to go to the movies to see scary movies.The most terrible role in the early twentieth century, battered known at the time the actor Lon Chaney.He became a kind of a veteran of the genre.Due to the fact that he often had to be removed in the mask, the makeup, he was nicknamed "the man of a thousand faces."

In the thirties of this genre of cinema has received more attention and popularity of the public.In 1922 came the film "Nosferatu", which is watched by millions of people.For the first time there is the image of Dracula.Since that time, more and more filmmakers to make a film about the cruel Wallachian ruler Vlad Tepes, who was famous not only as a strong and warlike ruler, but as a man with refined sadistic.In all there are a little more than sixty films in which Dracula appears in the main or secondary role.It should be said about the creation of director Joe Cheppela "ruler of the Dark", where the figure of Vlad the Impaler is a more or less realistic from a historical perspective.

But we have considered only one character of horror movies.Many of us, watching TV, saw a lot pohlesche Impaler.What are the worst horror movies?Of course, each viewer to this question your answer.However, perhaps someone thinks that it is not looked at the worst horrors.List proposed here, just includes such films.

«The Shining" (1980).The protagonist decides to stay in the hotel with my family.But something begins to have a negative impact on his psyche.In the end, it is a tragedy for his family and himself a hero.Something in the hotel, to put it mildly, not true.

«The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" (1974).Instruments referred to in the title of the film, some people do not cut the tree, and people.

«1408" (2007) The protagonist writes books whose aim is to dissuade readers of the existence of the supernatural.He is disappointed in religion, it is a staunch atheist.If you are going to write another "horror", he settles in the infamous hotel room.And that makes a fatal mistake.

«Wrong Turn" (2003).A group of young people got lost in the woods.Trying to get out, they stumble upon the remains of dead people.But soon something happens to them.

«Saw 5" (2005).The plot of the film intriguing and unpredictable.One of the followers of the famous serial killer terrible lesson teaches five strangers.

«Mirrors" (2008).Police because of its unbalance loses service.He was hardly able to find at least some work.What begins to happen further recalls nightmare, and its end is clearly not happy.

seems rapid technological change affects horror.The worst movies of the twenties now nobody scared except young children.Today, we may safely will see something from which our ancestors were shaking in cinemas.And those horror who viewed ten years ago, now is not the worst.Horror 2012 for us is still "relevant."Among the best of them - "Obsessed", "ATM," "Ownership», «Silent Hill 2".