Big cats - Breed-champions

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Generally, big cats - it is not only familiar to us pets.So called big cats.Lion, tiger, leopard, snow leopard and clouded leopard - this is exactly the brightest specimens of animals.By the way, pumas and cheetahs reason this group are not relevant.

But make at home wild big cat dare not everyone.However, there are people who hold these "little ones" in their own homes and are walking on a leash even on the streets.But as a rule, nothing good this neighborhood does not end there.

large domestic cats may not be wild predators.Enough to have a pet that belongs to the largest species.It should be borne in mind that absolutely all cats a few more of their friends on the pedigree.

Rating "Most big cats" is not based on size, and weight of the animals.For clarity: average weight mustache pet is 3-4 kg, and most cat typically has a weight ranging from 5 kg.

Among breeds that differ more weight, it may be noted the American bobtail that "pull" on 5-6 kg, the same weight and the British Bengal cat breed Ocicat and ragdoll with a weight of more than 7 kg.In the same list are Tiffany, Siberian and Scottish Fold.The biggest rock today considered big cats Maine Coon, whose representatives often reach a weight of 12 kg!

Very close to this figure is closer pets such as savannah, home lynx and Asher.The latter, incidentally, is a breed of highly questionable.A couple of years ago it was announced that a biotechnology company Lifestyle Pets brought on the basis of genes Asian leopard cat, an African serval and a conventional home a new breed, weighing up to 14 kg.However, later it turned out that all this is nothing more than a rumor, but a new breed of Asher - well known to all of Savannah.

It was developed in the 80s of the last century.Savannah - really big cats, but to call them home can be just a little embellishment of reality.After all, their breeding and use of African Serval Bengal cats.So Savannah cat breed has among its direct and closest ancestors of the predator.

Around the same time in America, crossed a domestic cat and a bobcat, lynx brought breeds.However, it is still recognized not all specialized associations.The weight of this "baby" is almost always greater than 10 kg.

Cats require a large rock to her the same attention as their smaller counterparts.Accustom to some rules need to kittens, starting at two months of age.And the earlier start training your pet, the more results you can achieve.

Given the large size of some of the cats, they need more food and more careful grooming than smaller breeds.And this fact should also be taken into account when deciding to have a massive cat or a cat.And the rest they have the characteristics common to all the family of a pet cat.