Acacia yellow - a plant that does not require maintenance

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There are two types of plants, which are called "Acacia".They belong to different species and apparently did not like.The first - a locust or false acacia.It is a tree reaching 25 m in height and 1 m in diameter.It blooms in May, after which the formed flat pods with gray or black beans inside.

Thanks origin, it can also be called "southern Acacia."Flowers, bark of young shoots and leaves of the plant are widely used for medicinal purposes.However, when used in large quantities it can receive serious poisoning because it is toxic.

second type of plant is Caragana arborescens, or yellow acacia.It is a shrub that grows from 2 to 7 meters in height.Often, the plant is used as a hedge.

Yellow acacia unpretentious, wind-resistant, hardy and grow well in the shade.Soil quality also is not critical, it is equally comfortable in dry or wet ground.It is often used for urban greening.

During dry summer yellow acacia can dump the leaves.This reduces the amount of moisture evaporated, and the plant is very easy to tolerate hot weather.

shrub belongs to the legume family.It can accumulate in the soil nitrogen.Leaves reach a length of 8 cm and have from 4 to 8, the paired leaves oblong or oval with a tip at the end.

yellow acacia blossom begins towards the end of May or beginning of June, and the bloom lasts 2-2.5 weeks.In the northern zone of the process could stretch out and 3 weeks.Yellow flowers outwardly resemble a butterfly.They can grow on one or be assembled in bundles of 3-5 pieces.

After flowering begin to form fruit.They appear only on the 4 year life of the plant and have a length of 5-6 cm. Each bean contains up to 8 small seeds, which ripen in July.Next, open and leaf curl.So the seeds into the soil, and because of its small size, the wind is able to carry them over long distances.

Acacia yellow multiplies shifts and growing quite rapidly.Harvest them need to advance, tearing more unripe pods when the leaf begin to change color and become solid.

The following year, early spring, the seeds are soaked in water for several hours and then planted in prepared soil.Acacia yellow much grows in width.Therefore, when used in ornamental horticulture, it undercut 1-2 times per year.Relief of the roots and branches of the acacia is well tolerated.It can live up to 70 years.

also very popular shrub for breeding in the apiary.He is an excellent honey plant.Beekeepers are very fond of this plant.Acacia Honey obtained good quality and has a light yellow color.

Flowering shoots, bark and leaves of the plant have been applied, and for medicinal purposes.They use them in the form of infusions and decoctions, which is taken orally, or added to the fees for a bath.They are great help with respiratory diseases, atherosclerosis, heartburn, headaches, liver disease, and accelerate metabolism.In contrast, white, yellow acacia is not poisonous.