What motion picture can be called "the most interesting horror film"?

Almost every person in the collection have ten favorite movies of any genre.And someone even capable of easily and simply enumerate a list of favorite films.Everyone has their own individual tastes and preferences.And about the fears and say nothing at all.But a list of horror movies to try is still possible.

Nothing in the world can not be described as perfect.There is an opportunity to question almost any fact.Especially when talking about the most interesting horror movie.Still, we should not rush to criticize them, as all evaluated differently.When choosing a film to be primarily guided by feedback, comments and rating.Therefore, before making his criticism, is to read some very popular horror movies.

Let's start discussing three popular films and choose from them the one that awarded the title of "the most interesting horror movie."

located at the first position, "The Possession".All the events of the films begin to occur after a girl buys a box at one of the fairs.At first, my parents did not have seen anything wrong in the behavior of his daughter.But after some time, the girl starts to behave very strangely, as a reaction to attempts to understand what was going on, even beyond the scope of reason.To unravel the mystery and save her daughter, the girl's father, along with his ex-wife are joining forces.Will they be able to protect your child?This film can safely claim to be the "most interesting horror movie."

ranks second films "Midnight Express."The film tells the story of the events that occurred after the photographer L. Kaufman received an offer from one of the galleries.To his photographs were provided by the public gaze, he must capture all the most terrible and dark, what's going on in the city.During his search, he became an unwitting witness to the murder of a young girl.Realizing that he was at least something to be able to help the police, Leon begins to deal with the case.But over time, the killer steals his girl.Will the young photographer to save her?

On the third position among the films competing for the title of "most interesting horror film" is a thriller "The Woman in Black."The film will take place in one of the villages in England, where he was forced to come to Arthur.He needs as quickly as possible to deal in the securities of the mistress of the manor.This is where he will face something terrible and inexplicable.What awaits the young man in the future?

All these films can be safely make the rating of the scariest horror films, as they capture from the first minute and did not let go until the very end.Who would not agree with him, let him try to make your own list and post it for everyone to see, so that everyone could accept or "reject" this option.If you do not look the picture above, it is necessary to view them.Just do not have to regret.