North Africa

most part throughout North Africa - about 8.6 million. Kilometers - covering the Sahara desert.As is well known - it is the biggest driest place on Earth.The territory itself is virtually uninhabited desert.The only exceptions are a few tribes of the Berbers and Tuareg, who inhabit the same a few oases.

Historical evidence indicates that the Sahara in ancient times was enough fertile land, with forests, a variety of animals and plants.Today, only suitable habitat areas adjacent to lakes, rivers and a small narrow strip along the coast (in some places).

Despite the high daytime temperatures, the night in the desert is very cold.The temperature can drop to zero degrees even.

precipitation in the Sahara may not be for many years.However, sometimes there are heavy rains, causing flooding whole.

In the southern part of the Sahara desert comes to replace the dry zone - Beach ("Sahel" - Arabic Bank) - the boundary of sand.Within this territory are located next to the dry savannas and semi-deserts.In the area of ​​"Sahel" life almost unbearable.Severe conditions are associated with ongoing drought here that undermines the development of agriculture.In the direction of Central Africa from the "Sahel" has subequatorial savanna over large areas.These areas are characterized by rich vegetation, rare shrubs and trees.

North Africa.Characteristics of

Countries in this part of the continent are more developed (in economic terms) than in the other territories.This is largely due to the immediate vicinity of Europe, characterized by a strong economy.

Almost all countries that includes North Africa, are developing.Exceptions are Mauritania and Sudan.They belong to the least developed countries in the world.

North Africa is rich in deposits of natural gas and oil.They are located on the territory of Libya and Algeria.Tunisia's economy is considered the most competitive and diversified across the continent.North Africa and the rich deposits of phosphate rock.In the fields located in the territory of Morocco, is an active mining.They are used in the production of phosphates fertilizers.Many foreign companies are involved in the development of industry in this part of the continent.Gradually North Africa is becoming a tourist area.

To the north of the Sahara Desert residents preach Islam and speak Arabic.The peoples of North Africa are different variety.To the south of the desert is home to a huge number of tribes.They spoke different languages, profess a different faith, have different traditions.In some countries of North Africa as the official language used by one of the European.This, in some cases, creates certain inconveniences in communication between the peoples within the continent.For example, in some states the official language - French.

Such a variety of peoples of North Africa often provoke inter-ethnic conflicts.Disputes lead to a significant decline in living standards and the economy.

for sightseeing, Mauritian atmosphere Berber, North Africa is the ideal place.The area includes the Mediterranean beaches, wide, white sand.The most famous tourist countries are Tunisia and Egypt.In North Africa, a lot of historical monuments (ancient Egyptian, Roman, Phoenician).

North African dishes include, among other things, certainly two components - fragrant spices and hot pepper.