The authoritarian style of management: advantages and disadvantages

When students write a report on the teaching practice, they are usually strongly advised to write, they used an authoritarian management style.While in many cases this style is optimal, and this applies not only to teachers but also managers of very different levels.

authoritarian style of management - control method, in which almost the absolute majority of decisions are made by the leader and the leadership of the group contribution is minimal.Managers or teachers, it is prone to such a method, usually decide based only on their experience, trusting his judgment.Tips from controlled virtually accepted.The authoritarian management style involves approaching the level of the dictatorial control of the group, sometimes turning into openly dictatorial.

What are the main characteristics describe the style?

Firstly, the almost complete absence of participation of party members in key decisions.But in this case the responsibility rests with the leader, so that the infringement of the rights of some compensated by the fact that the average member of the group can avoid any liability.It is comfortable for many people.

Secondly, the leaders point out what should be done, and describes in great detail the methods by which it is possible to achieve the goal.The slave thus denied even the opportunity to express themselves, all prizes if they win gets the leader.But the error does not answer them.The leader controls the activity on each of the steps, which involves a large contribution of forces on his part, is not always justified.

Third, the most difficult task takes on the leader.He does not trust the key stages of work employees, even surpassing him in qualifying, suggesting that it is better not consult anybody.Often this view is justified, only the resources of health and energy have such a leader could quickly dwindle.

authoritarian style of management seems to many is not good.Does he have the advantages?In some cases it is optimal.Example - a situation where a decision has to be as fast as possible, and no time to consult even with a small number of people, not like with the broad masses.If there is no time to play in democracy - safely use an authoritarian style of leadership.And the army adopted this style because in the battle once conferred.

very difficult to use a liberal style in an environment of people who are not inclined to creativity and responsibility.Perhaps you, the reader, have experience when promising projects have failed because of the inaction of the leader.A good leader distributes tasks and appoint strict deadlines.In a situation of severe resource constraints, people tend to strive to be influenced by a "strong hand".

As we mentioned, the authoritarian style of management is optimal in the army, especially during armed conflicts.The fact that people in this situation, it is easier to focus on the implementation of specific actions when the strategic aspects trusted leader not to speculate agonized over every action.

course, this style is far from ideal, and should not be used it consistently and in all situations.In many ways it is bad for the group.And the image of the leader suffers.Abuse that is perceived by management team of like minded constantly commanding, controlling, does not trust its people.Therefore, among the members of the group may gradually mature riot.

As to the opinion of the members of the group do not listen, many opportunities are lost.And people feel frustration and lack of confidence in their abilities, some depressed.Therefore, the leaders of this style can be assigned only temporarily, to perform a very important projects, and then give the group to relax and recover.