Mortgage Vladivostok.

Mortgages in Vladivostok - it's a good opportunity for people to buy their own apartment or to improve their housing conditions.

Many people are hesitant to take money on credit, in connection with the coming crisis.But do not compare this crisis to the crisis of 2008.2008 - The crisis of liquidity, incomes have decreased rapidly, and interest rates on loans have increased.At the moment, this is due to the fact that most countries can not deal with public debt, which they took.But today, the situation in the mortgage market in Europe, has no effect on the Russian market.Of course there are negative aspects of the current situation - mortgage rate increases.But it has affected not all banks, but only those that provide short-term loans.

AHML (Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending) proposed a program called "stimulus."It helps to ensure that banks are more willing to give loans for housing or for the purchase of finished housing.As a result, in the 3rd quarter of 2011 there was a recovery in the construction market.About 403,000 homes and 35 million square meters.Apartments was given into operation in the period January-September 2011. This was 103.2% of the corresponding period of 2010. The conclusion is that - there is market recovery.

This program is intended to improve the crisis situation in 2008.To date, the program "incentive" designed to help credit for the construction of new housing.The purpose - increase in the number of property, which would apply to economy class.As a result of this program it revived projects that were previously not possible, as had later date of delivery of housing in operation.Today people prefer to buy meters in multi-storey apartments, only because they have no other choice.There is a large percentage of the population who will gladly acquire low-rise housing, but only if there will be a developed transport and social infrastructure necessary people living in modern society.Currently, the availability of housing for citizens will mean increased opportunity to take available credit and buy a home at an affordable price.But the apartments in our days is still very expensive.The solution to this problem - the construction of more new housing (which should take care of the state).

can be concluded that citizens who wish to buy a home there is an incentive, because the state is trying to do everything possible to do so.

Now Vladivostok mortgage offer 17 city commercial banks, and each has its own mortgage program, and among these programs, you can choose the most suitable for you.Vladivostok commercial banks offer mortgage loans to various conditions, such loans can be obtained in such banks as "Societe Generale Vostok", "Sberbank of Russia", "Primcotsbank", "ATB", "VTB 24", "Dalcombank", "Bank of Moscow""Agricultural Bank", "Raiffeisenbank", "TransCreditBank", "Svyaz-Bank", "Banca Intesa", "Maritime Bank", "Far Eastern Bank", "Rosbank", "Orient Express Bank", "Gazprombank".When buying an apartment on credit, the choice of the bank very important because mortgage terms are substantially different in each bank of the city.There is a function "mortgage calculator", which is on the site of Vladivostok commercial banks and allow yourself to analyze the pros and cons of the mortgage.But still more profitable to turn to a mortgage broker who can help you to take a loan on favorable terms, and he will pick you optimal mortgage program.Some banks are working on the city program "young family Vladivostok", which makes it possible to obtain a mortgage loan to purchase property on favorable terms with state subsidy.However, this is not just to get a loan - it is necessary to prove its solvency and that of your family is urgently needed housing.

With the help of a mortgage broker services, even mortgages with no down payment no longer be a problem for you, in this case it will be necessary to provide additional collateral in real estate, or find other support, including the guarantors of the loan.Today, after the 2008 crisis, the mortgage in Vladivostok reborn, renewed construction of new apartments, and banks have resumed mortgage lending.Banks offer potential lenders not only a new home mortgage in Vladivostok already commissioned or under construction homes and apartments on the secondary market.Although mortgage loans in many banks even issued a significant interest rates, over time there will be growth in real estate prices, so the mortgage in Vladivostok, get better now, while real estate prices remain relatively stable.