Kindergarten compensating: what is it?

When a child is 3 years old, his parents begin to worry about selecting the appropriate kindergarten.To better understand all the pros and cons of the various pre-school institutions, need to know about what kinds of kindergartens are divided.Many, for example, do not know, kindergarten compensating - what it is and how to send your child if necessary.

Classification kindergartens

preschools can be separated by the control authority or expertise.On the basis of the first kindergartens are divided into:

  • departmental;
  • municipalities;
  • private;
  • home.

specialization preschools are divided into:

  • general developmental;
  • development centers;
  • Garden compensating;
  • Kindergarten combined type;
  • improving kindergartens.

Sadiq compensating different from other similar institutions that need it impaired children, but this will be referred to below.

Species Gardens Management Body

Municipal kindergartens - this is the usual district preschools, where classes for children are conducted strictly according to the program of preschool education.These include the introduction of a child with the fact that it is surrounded by, various educational games, learning the fine arts, the correct pronunciation, as well as physical exercise.Kindergarten compensating refers specifically to municipal institutions.

The departmental kindergarten children were divided into 2 groups: one are those whose stay there pays the company that runs the father or mother of the child, and in the second group, those who pay for their parents.These accommodations kindergartens children somewhat better than in municipalities, but their costs are generally higher.Another feature is the lack of an established training program of the state bodies.

Private and home gardens

even more expensive option - private the considerable cost of these gardens, the level of service and, of course, higher.Firstly, this is due to a smaller number of children in groups, allowing the caregiver to give everyone more time, secondly, a set of services provided in these institutions is much broader than in the gardens, as mentioned above.

home gardens are very different from other types of these institutions is the fact that while in ordinary kindergartens education occurs strictly regulated and controlled by the respective program agencies, the domestic kindergarten no such control.Not only that, the children watching just one person, it also prepares them food and chooses what will be occupied by a child.But if the teacher is a professional in his field, the more pluses than minuses, because the group is usually about five children, which allows you to apply an individual approach.

Types of institutions are divided by specialization

General developmental gardens are designed for kids who do not have any abnormalities in the development and aimed at developing intellectual abilities, moral and aesthetic qualities.Development Centers are different from other preschools primarily oriented to the comprehensive development of the individual.Typically, this places a specially equipped premises, such as gaming classes, computer audience, and many other facilities.Combined - these types of kindergartens, which combine the previous two types of institutions.

There is this kind of like kindergarten ethno-cultural orientation.In them, in addition to general developmental program, there are classes aimed at developing a culture of inter-ethnic relations.This is necessary especially in the areas of multi-national country.Special attention should be paid to this kind of schools as a kindergarten compensating.What does it mean and what is the name of this garden is different from other gardens?

Kindergartens compensating

When a child has some deviations in the physical or mental development, it is necessary to give a specialized garden.Since this unusual gardens, then you can get there, having a certain procedure.But the effort is worth it, because in these institutions of training programs designed to meet the developmental disabilities who are in the child.Many parents do not realize that their child needs kindergarten compensating it will help him cope with the disease, which they consider a slight deviation from the norm.

What children need gardens compensating

There are kindergartens for sickly children.As the name suggests, there is a contingent of children being brought up.Before you send a child to the institutions of this type, you must take him to the pediatrician, who will determine whether the baby needs special care or not.The decision is made on the basis of counting the number of preschool disease in the past year.

In addition, special care is needed for children with delayed speech and mental development disorders of the musculoskeletal system, the visually impaired and hearing, so the kindergarten compensating - just what is needed for these children.For referrals to specialized kindergartens need to show the child's specific medical specialization which depends on the violation of the baby.

How to get to the specialized kindergarten

Few people know that is not so easy to get into kindergarten compensating, it is strictly regulated procedures, for which you need to pass the examination of the child first by a doctor (orthopedist, neurologist, ophthalmologist - aIt depends on whether there is a violation of the baby), and then visit the FAQ PMPC - psychological, medical and pedagogical commission.These specialists decide whether to send the child to the garden compensating or not.With the conclusion issued by the Commission, it can already be sent straight to the head of preschool.

If normal kindergarten, as well as at school, is a landmark in the middle of the child, and weak children have to exert too much effort to achieve at least some results, the specialized agencies to ensure the conditions necessary child with a particular disorder.

The main purpose of the specialized gardens

If the general developmental kindergarten child is given certain skills that help him develop, compensating kindergarten - is first of all the presence of a program aimed at correcting a particular disease.After such a pre-school child is usually given in a correctional school, where he continued his correction of violations.Thus, the main purpose of this type of gardens is to adapt to the baby's environment in the future, as an adult, he was able to function at the level of the average person.

Plus kindergartens of this type is that of children engaged specialists, speech pathologists working on specially designed programs providing child development in view of its lack.When I heard about kindergarten compensating what it is and how to send your child (if necessary, of course), the parent must understand that a special relationship to the child should remain in the home.