How not to forget about the family because of work.

Sometimes, Women, hobby career ceases to pay attention to a family or start "Georgia" working family issues.If this is the case, here they are, career-advice:

1 .Family and work should be combined, rather than oppose.

2 .Bury the hatchet.If you're accused of something, learn to safely take objective criticism, and arguments to refute undeserved charges.

3 .Do not become work at 100%.The working day is over, smile and close the door behind him in the full sense of the word.Reflection service problems is transferred to the morning of the next working day.Do not load the professional difficulties for his family.

4 .Discussed with loved ones, what sacrifices will require them to your career, but at the same time outlines and positive aspects, such as those associated with an increase in your salary.

5 .The time remaining after work, to spend with their children and spouse.It is better to sacrifice the purity of the house or invest in a charwoman.

6 .Organize the life and economy of the simplest and most convenient way.Try to shift the purchase of products at her husband or domestic helpers, write lists orders, carried away a simple and healthy food, are equally accessible to adults and children (of course, a certain age), do not try to be perfect hostess - better be a good wife and mother.

7 .Take time for family in the mornings before work, this is the most close and intimate communication clock, although they require the victims in the form of sweet morning sleep, breakfast with a newspaper or watching TV.Just go to bed earlier and Dari 30 minutes her husband and children for calm joint breakfast.

8 .In the evening, Set cooking, cleaning, laundry, and other sessions on the farm at the time when the children are asleep, to find time to read books, quiet games, bedtime stories.When the kids go to sleep, including a "second escape velocity", and you will see that things go a lot faster;and besides, there's a lot to do around the house that you can do together with their children, for example, to cook, lay the laundry in the washing machine, dust and the like, the main thing - you're next.

9 .Try not to make a weekend holiday from her husband and children.The temptation to spend Saturday and Sunday grocery shopping and her friends are very large, but the family is more important.Also, do not devote entire weekends homework.Spend time relaxing in society, the family from everyday worries, longer walk, talk, hug.

10 .Be sure to try to spend holidays with family and children.

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