How to apply wallpaper on the ceiling

Use wallpaper for finishing the ceiling is a wonderful alternative to painting and has long been widely used in the decoration of the room.
This is because it requires relatively less expensive and time consuming, and thus the result of looks aesthetically appealing.Wallpapering wallpaper ceiling - is a great option decorating the room.Wallpaper on the ceiling, you can use not only the traditional white and various other colors, with a pattern or a photo print.The texture of their (smooth, embossed or embossed) will also help to complement the interior.It is worth noting that these wallpaper will look spectacular, and on one wall, and the rest is better to make monophonic.Also, wall decor in a small room is not necessary to overload the large patterns or contrasting color combinations.

wallpapers that will be glued to the ceiling must be strong light and water-resistant.For applications that require thermal or acoustic insulation, it is recommended to use wallpaper in a textile basis.However, they strongly absorb odors.If you plan to do after pasting painting, it is best to use a specially designed for this wallpaper.

Before stick wallpaper on the ceiling, it must first be carefully prepared: remove the old finish, putty irregularities and cracks (if any), pass the "sandpaper" and then primed.The soil can be used as wallpaper paste.Tip: the old wallpaper removed more easily if they are to make slots trowel and dampen with soap and water and lime, moistened with hot water using fleyts much easier to wash off the ceiling.Cutting wallpaper is made before starting.The length of the sheet should be taken with a margin of about 5-10 cm to the finished size.If you use wallpaper on the ceiling with a pattern, it is necessary to perform cutting, so that he would be the same.More suitable adhesive for wallpaper printed on rolls.

More needs to be done on the ceiling layout for the sheets, and then apply the glue directly on sheets of wallpaper.Clay correctly applied to the middle of the sheet, uniformly distributed over the entire length.Particular care should be given to smear the corners and soak the glue.The ends are folded into the inner part.It should be noted that if wallpaper thick, the adhesive is applied in two layers.If you use non-woven wallpaper on the ceiling, the adhesive is applied directly to it.

gluing together to perform better.One person holds more nenakleennoe canvas, and the second applies it to the ceiling and spreads.When the wallpaper sheet is adhered to the surface, it is smoothed in a direction from inside to outside using a special brush.Next sheet paste, focusing on the edge of the previous one.

At the junction of the ceiling and walls of the edge of the wallpaper is pressed non-acute side of the scissors and slightly delayed.This will determine the excess part of the cutting line.In places where the planned withdrawal of a lighting fixture, make an incision crossed.

Once the wallpaper on the ceiling will be stuck, try to avoid drafts in the room.