Iconography in the people: Saint Panteleimon

When our body twists illness, when the spirit and the will are broken, but doctors hope melts like ice spring, we turn to the other forces, higher and powerful.As we wake up the faith - in God and the saints, and their help in healing.

origins Divine Powers

Saint Panteleimon, the icon with the image of which is practically in every family, seriously professing Christianity, and in each temple for a long time is the second name, which became its own - Healer.The glorious history of the young men who devoted themselves to the Lord and endowed with a powerful gift of healing - one of the most interesting and illustrative in hagiographic literature.He was a resident of Asia Minor city of Nicodemus.Born to a wealthy family, whose head is a staunch pagan, while his mother since his youth worship Christ.However, she did it secretly - the then new religion was strictly forbidden, and its followers were severely persecuted and cruelly persecuted.However, the future of St. Panteleimon's mother remembered a little - it is too early to set off into another world.But the beneficial influence exerted by it on the identity of the son, the true seeds of faith planted in the fertile soil of her his soul, did not hesitate to express themselves.His father wanted his son to become a doctor - a profession revered and very profitable in Asia Minor.Especially as himself, yet St. Panteleimon, a young man just Pantoleon (pagan version of the name) showed considerable ability in this profession.But his teacher, then known medical Euphrosynus, shared not only scientific knowledge to the pupil, but also spiritual.

Physician God

about what the Lord said the young man gave his grace and miraculous powers, opened fairly quickly.Saint Panteleimon saw a child dying from the bite of the viper.With hot prayers, with an open heart, he turned to the Heavenly Father - give it to the young man to save the life of art.Word has been heard - Panteleimon boy snatched from the jaws of death, and then followed by the name stuck - Healer.Soon Pantoleon baptized.He continued to work wonders for the glory of God, and the glory of him, of his wonderful gift opportunities and reaching as far as Rome itself.Saint Panteleimon follow the commandments of God.He gave away his wealth destitute, did not take the money for treatment to the poor, and that gave him the rich patients also handed out to the needs of the poor and hungry.Father Healer initially disowned him.But once he saw as the son of the power of prayer healed the blind boy.Shaken by the old pagan repented of their sins and believe in the one whose name do these things unseen.

spiritual field

Needless to say that not only treated Panteleimon body and physical ailments.He used every opportunity to tell people about Jesus, to testify about his love, power and holiness.Naturally, people are deeply honored and respected his doctor.But other doctors pagans lost customers, earnings, and therefore hated talented young man.In Rome, one after another flying denunciations.On the orders of Maximilian, Emperor of Rome, a Christian physician captured, sent to prison and brutally tortured.But Saint Panteleimon died of sophisticated torture.To put an end once and for all with a formidable opponent, the emperor ordered to deprive Healer head and the body sent to the fire.The command was executed.However, after the death of miracles continues, fire singed or millimeter body of the saint.It was secretly buried by Christians, and he stayed Panteleimon - in people's memory as a great martyr, the hope of all the sick and infirm.Remembrance Day it is celebrated by all believers August 9.

turned to him with prayer - and you will hear a saint.Hear and help!