Which is better to buy a TV: LED or LCD?

Faced shops of home appliances with price tags on TV, where the description of the model znachitsya LED and LCD, many customers are lost.Do not understand the technology, it is difficult to choose which TV is better to buy - LED or LCD, what their differences, advantages and disadvantages.Try to understand.

difference between LED and LCD TVs

TVs by technology LED, appeared recently, in 2009, and have become quite popular among consumers.In fact, it is an LCD panel with a modified illumination.Traditional lights (fluorescent) replaced them in the light-emitting diodes LED.For consumers, this innovation has brought some qualitative changes in technology.If you lose a choice, a LED TV better buy, pay attention to the kinds of illumination.They exist two types.The side is the cheap and easy because it uses LED elements in white only.But the backlight, it is also called RGB, more expensive.It uses red, blue and green elements, which are located behind the panel LCD TVs.Diodes are included dependi

ng on the color images on the screen at this time.As a result, the picture is sharper and brighter than conventional LCD TVs.

Before you come to a decision, which TV is better to buy, consider the undoubted advantages of LED.They are more economical than the conventional LCD, and compared them to consume electricity in two times smaller.Since the diodes do not contain mercury, LED TVs are safe.Thanks to new technology panel TVs become thinner.With a thickness of less than ten millimeters, these screens become like paintings that can be hung on the wall.

The only serious drawback from LED TVs - it is their high cost.

LCD TVs and benefits

If you do not know what to choose and what better to buy a TV, is to meet with LCD models, or as they are called with LCD TVs.They are most attractive for purchase.

Modern technologies have reached a level where overcomes the disadvantages (small angle, burning pixels) and image quality pleases.Prices fall periodically, which also attracts buyers to models of LCD TVs.

LCD TVs are composed of several plates made of glass.A layer of liquid crystal in between.Filters, color and polarization are applied to the glass plate.The panel highlighted the special TV backlight, so the light becomes the desired color and reproduces the image.Liquid crystals are controlled by technology TFT - thin film transistors.And each of them controls one pixel.Therefore, on the whole screen at the same time changing the picture.

made their choice in favor of LCD, the question remains: what kind of LCD TV is better to buy and what to look for options.Choosing the optimal diagonal of the TV, it is necessary to build on the area of ​​the room where he will be.Most often purchased with a diagonal pattern, ranging from thirty to sixty inches.But the more the TV, the higher the price.

Recommended screen format - sixteen to nine.Resolution LCD TV - is the number of pixels on the screen, it grows with the diagonal.Highest image clarity is ensured by diagonal more than forty inches and a resolution of 1920 x 1080. Noteworthy "response time."Enough for comfortable viewing of ten milliseconds.

So, discussing the pros and cons of LED and LCD, is to draw a conclusion: better to buy a TV set, and how not to be mistaken with a choice.Television created by LED technology, thanks to its cost-benefit, but otherwise - picture quality, color gamut, response time LCD & LED TVs do not differ from each other.It varies only the price.Now, knowing the pros and cons of modern TVs, you'll be able to make a choice.