Notary Power of Attorney

The Civil Code of the Russian Federation is regulated, how to carry out registration of various kinds of powers of attorney (including how to make general power of attorney).The document is designed to transmit from one person to the second.Power of Attorney - a written proxy.It is used for representation before the third (third) party.Notarised power of attorney to sign the deal can be transmitted directly to the principal involved in the transaction to a third party.

Due to the fact that written authorization is considered to be a one-sided deal, for its appearance enough will the principal.This presence is not necessarily representative.Notarial power of attorney includes in its content the amount of action that may be made by representatives.Duties and rights of the transferor powers arise from activities performed by his representative on his behalf.For the most representative of the legal consequences do not occur.

notarized power of attorney is required to perform a certain number of transactions for which the law requires a mandatory form notarized.Exceptions are cases provided by law.In special situations, the law permits the registration of power of attorney by the notary, and another person (official), authorized to take such action.The Civil Code defines a list of documents with the status of a written authority.

notarized power of attorney, in accordance with the law, may be revoked by the principal at any time.Thus the representative at any time may waive the mandate.Cancel notarized power of attorney is carried out with the help of the commission of the relevant order.The person to delegate (or its successor), is obliged to report on the implementation of this order and the representative of the party (party), to whom the authorized person of interest.All obligations and rights that have formed as a result of the authorized person before it was or should have known of the cancellation remain for the principal or his successors valid.The exception may be cases where the implementation of the closure of the written procedure, the authority knew or should have known to third parties.Upon termination of the notarized power of attorney to the representative or his successor must be returned to the document.

Validity written authority from the date of not to exceed three years.If the term is not specified, the document retains the legal power throughout the year.The invalidity of such a power of attorney, which is not the date it is made.If the written authorization, providing for fulfillment of activities outside Russia, not specified validity period, the legal validity of the document is saved to the cancellation by the principal.

representative, which confer certain powers, shall perform all the steps in the document personally.Allowed the transfer of authority to another person, provided that the power of attorney contains information about the right of substitution, or in mind the circumstances that lead to the interests of the principal representative to transfer its functions to another person.Transferring powers necessarily representative shall notify the principal.At the same time a person who has received authority provided all the necessary information.The new document of substitution must be certified by a notary.Validity should not exceed the period which was set to prior written authorization.

power of attorney is terminated as a result of the expiration, non-representative functions, cancel, disability, death or declaration of missing untraceable principal or representative, as well as after the termination of the commission of the legal activities of the person is a representative or trustee.