Why green dress in the wardrobe?

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green in clothes and accessories is always in fashion.Each collection of famous designers will certainly find at least a couple of things done in this scheme, which is not surprising, because it is an insane amount of shades of green helps to create the unique style of each item.

It does not matter, outside spring, snow or falling leaves - green dress in your wardrobe will help lift your mood and effectively accentuate your beauty.Bright green, marsh, dark green, ripe grass - and that's not the whole list of colors in which you can create your image.

If you want to refresh your style, make it fresh notes, it's time to buy a green dress.As strange as it may sound, but the dress is the same color fits perfectly all the ladies, regardless of their physical appearance and therefore hair color.Whether you're a blonde, brunette or red-haired, you undoubtedly will decorate light summer warm winter, or an elegant evening gown.

Even the most plain and simple outfit sparkle with new colors, if you add to it accessories.It could be shoes, belts, bags and clutches, earrings, necklaces and other jewelry.Green dress goes well with many colors, especially with gold, silver, brown, black and white.The main rule to be followed by a combination of colors - warm shades of the warm and cold to cold.

ready to go out with friends, put on a green dress with brown slippers and matching them choose a thin belt and handbag.For the office is better to add to the image of the classics - black or white - these colors you make your decorations more stringent.

most creative and stylish ladies can dilute its dark green dress with bright crimson, yellow or blue shoes.This season, this combination will really hit, so do not stay in the shadow of the stars, you just need to add colored notes.

choosing jewelry or jewelry, no doubt, appreciate the style of the dress.Thus, under the open evening is perfect thin silver or platinum chain with a pendant from an emerald.For more closed or cocktail dresses, select the massive jewelry - bracelets and earrings color gold or silver, but do not overdo it, because the main thing in an elegant way - harmony.

What girl will come out without make-up?If you chose a green dress as the basis for their image, is not superfluous to emphasize the eyes and mouth, or you shone at the disco, whether the meeting with partners.

Women who are accustomed to focus on the eye makeup should make it in shades of brown.In no case do not need to apply green shadow on the entire eyelid for this outfit, and better and to abandon the shade, otherwise you will blend with your attire.

for sultry blondes can recommend the following make-up under the green dress: apply on face tonal foundation, powder, a little bronze blush, eye emphasize a thin line of black eyeliner and add a drop of brown shadow on the lower eyelid, and most importantly - to highlight the lips of a beautiful rich red lipstick withadding thick gloss.This makeup will win not only the man, but your opponents or friends.