Children on the Internet

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«Internet and that from it is bad" - on this subject, it seems, will never stop speaking doctors.Ten years ago ophthalmologists in a voice shouted, causing some damage to the eyes computer screen.Invented thin LCD - immediately reminded of the threat of epilepsy and mental disorders, not to mention about autism.But perhaps the most common case of any psychologist and worst nightmare of any parent - child zazombirovanny Internet, forgetting that the outside there is a street and on the street - fun.
How can there be a "fun", shouting teenagers.Here VKontakte sit - it's fun.Watch videos on Youtube with kittens - it's fun.Conquer fictional worlds with a bazooka at the ready - it's fun!
And who will be our real world to conquer?
Since then, as the masses came the Internet, life has become better.It has become more mobile, between cities and countries is no more time and territorial ruptures, you can in a matter of seconds to get any information and transmit it to others, not to mention the enormous opportunities will be for the modern journalism.It is known to all.But note that all of the above applies to the older generation, and only the most out of the corner for children.That would not have tried novovvesti global Internet developers - the games, children's sites, parental control and training programs, - Internet remains an adult toy.The thing is that mature people are in the majority are able to allocate their time, and to distinguish the important from the unimportant, the main thing from non-principal.They can control their "want" and a time to remember the word "necessary";it comes with experience.In children is such an experience, but there is a virtual world full of all sorts of things, and all you have to look everywhere to visit, go to all links!"He was terribly upset if something suddenly happens in the world without it."A sort of syndrome baby to explore the world.The world outside the window the baby already knew: there is the same classmates, the same lessons, the same routes.But soon, in the apartment there is a "tin can", as affectionately called her parents.Of course, it appears only for study.For everyone in the class print out the reports, and you - the old fashioned way, by hand!Sucks.

And after a while it turns out that the report print - it is a couple of minutes, and the rest of the time the child spends there, which would not want to see him.God forbid that the disabled adult sites, but today social networks are not much different from them, and filled with approximately the same content.The parents clutching his head, but too late - the child has already entered into the taste, it does not pull out.The street is not very graphic and the engine does not work, but on the Internet - you're not an inexperienced student and guru, whose opinion is always noticed and listen!With a computer children grow faster, but - here's the paradox - remain children forever.Because it can not get the experience that helps to distinguish the important from the non-principal, the important from the unimportant ...
If a person give up a subject with which he obviously can not cope, then the person is changing significantly, it adjusts to the subject.But this does not mean that he is learning to cope - on the contrary, it is more than just confused in their submissions.And do not bring any particular benefit in the family or in society.Poluchelovek, polumertvets - zombies.The current generation, which the people at the end of the nineties, have little idea of ​​what is "good" and what is "bad".For them, all the same - "cool."Violent video beatings, silly quotes knows whose authorship and history of suicide, in general, everything that exists in social networks - cool.Yes, the same VKontakte exists for sharing photos and messages to be placed on the pages of the official site of the rock groups and travel agencies, but with all this wealth children receive a loading dose "ozverina", and parents - the problem with unstable teenager.The eternal Russian question "what to do" is not acceptable here.Internet is firmly entrenched in our lives, and will not be released until the law on limited information, not suitable for children ... stop-stop-stop, we have freedom of speech!Internet - an independent platform!And social networks - for students and former classmates!We are not to blame, that allowed children not getting much, that's what the legislators say.
Some teachers, sometimes even happy that their child is sitting on the Internet - but it is not lost on the street at night, does not drink and does not smoke.But they overlook the fact that the child is deprived of: a) of fresh air;b) the present, real friends;c) the very experience that can bring only the city streets.The ability to be strong, smart, resourceful, quick thinking, witty answer, not get lost in a dangerous situation, be professional and take care of yourself - that just will not find on the Internet.So - parents!Be careful.Give the computer dosed.Child, when you realize that it is lost, sitting round the clock for the "Bank", you will be grateful.It's so easy to open in the outside world that something interesting and conquer it, it would only wish ...