To learn how to be baptized

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As one of the world's major religions, Christianity came to us from the Greco-Roman world, the era of the loss of people social and ideological unity that teaches at a time of mass migration of Jews in Greece and Rome.In these difficult times for the Jews of the old concept of "kingdom" is not consistent with their current problems, so the birth of "Christianity" could happen precisely in migration.Over time, it turned out that Christianity is divided into three faiths - Catholicism, Orthodoxy and Protestantism.If you address the issue of how to properly baptized, then we can say that according to the confessions, there are some differences in baptism.

So, in Orthodoxy today used troepёrstnoe sign of the cross.To start the image sign of the cross, it is necessary to lay down the right hand, namely, the first three of her fingers bend together.This symbolizes the unity of the Holy Trinity - the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.The remaining two fingers must also be pressed to the palm of your hand, which means that event, when the Son of God came down from heaven, and that Jesus has two natures - human and God.Thus, depicting the cross arm should relate to, first, the right shoulder, and after, and left.The right side in Christianity represents a place for people saved, that is heaven, while the left side - a place for people dying, that is, hell.

examining in more detail how to properly baptized, it should be noted that this requires:

1. Attach with three bent fingers to his forehead that symbolizes the illumination of thoughts, attitudes and actions;

2. Lower the fingers on the level of the solar plexus, illuminating the soul, feelings and experiences;

3. Attach the three fingers to the right shoulder, asking God for forgiveness of sins and chargeability to the saved righteous;

4. Move the hand from right to left, to the left shoulder, asking God and the Protection of the lost sinners;

5. After the baptism should bow down, as was depicted on itself the cross of Calvary.

There is another version of how to be baptized, right . argued that using the sign of the cross, right to left, a Christian, thus, closes his heart to the devil.

long years in the literature about the law of God can be found in the description of the sign of the cross like this when the lower end of the cross should be placed on the chest, which depicts an inverted cross.Doing this can not be, because the cross is a symbol of evil forces.

Thus, considering how to be baptized, we can say that the Christian sign of the cross God asking for salvation and deliverance from the fate of the lost people.Orthodox Christian trying to defend themselves from the influence of evil forces, from the troubles and misfortunes of a bad fate and accidents.Since ancient times, people turned to the Church for the salvation and deliverance from sin, the cross of Christ is part of the holy sacrament, opening the way to salvation.

Answering a question on how to properly baptized Orthodox , should be noted that their main difference from the Catholics is the fact that the latter represent the cross banner of left to right, so as to opening the heart and letting him God.

Cross of Christ personifies the rescue, so a person who shows it for yourself, it is peaceful, as it has faith and hope for the future.

Undoubtedly, you should know how to be baptized, because faith helps many Christians worry about the difficulties of life, to find the strength to go on, so the use of the cross is a way to get closer to God, asking for his help and protection from a variety of ills and failures.And it does not matter what denomination belongs to the people, the main thing here is that it took in my heart God.