Driving masonry oven with hob for the home or garden.

If you need to heat a vacation home or your own home, you can make the construction of a brick oven that will perform two functions.One of them acts as space heating, and the second - the ability to cook food on such equipment.The latter will be possible to realize a case equipped with oven.Before you start work, you should be examined scheme masonry oven with hob, which will eliminate errors.

Features Construction oven with oven

Before starting work, the scheme should be prepared masonry oven with hob.The design will include an oven, furnace and hotplate.In order to ensure maximum portability, you need to install the oven isolated on the side of the furnace.Plate will be located on top of the combustion chamber, as well as an oven, it will cover a number of bricks.

If the oven is isolated, it is much easier not only to operate but also service as cook in the oven can be almost immediately, without waiting for the wood burned.This distinguishes this design from the Russian stove.

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Recommendations on construction

you should be considered a diagram of masonry oven with hob, but we must remember also that before the construction of the structure is necessary to ensure its effectiveness, which will depend on the configuration of the chimney.In order to increase the heat, you should apply a complex system of vertically oriented channels through which hot gases will move, giving its heat to the walls of brick.At the same time quite slowly and continuously air in the room will be heated.

If you need an oven with a stove, you can build it yourself using the finished diagram.However, the beginner should not only study the drawings, but also to learn the basic rules of installation of heating equipment.It is important to know how the foundation is poured, selected material and closes the solution and made the construction of the chimney.

Features of the construction of the furnace with a water box

If you need an oven with a stove of this type, you should count on the fact that its heat will reach 600 kcal / h.This is true if sink structure 2 times per day.Dimensions of the equipment should be equal 102h64h7 see. As the main features of the model is the presence of water heating box.

preparatory work

to produce construction, will need to prepare a red brick in the amount of 140 pieces.You will also need to carry out the work of approximately 50 liters of solution, which has the characteristics of heat resistance.For the same set of material may be fabricated and Russian oven with an oven.It will take even predtopochny sheet, it must be made of steel roofing, from which you want to cut the workpiece 50x70 cm. From the same material prepared canvas, which will be laid under the plate, the size of the element is equal to 115h64 see.

Construction of the furnace will be impossibleproduce no angle steel, which is used for binding, it must be prepared in an amount of 8 pieces.Furnace plate will not operate properly without a grate door, and valves.The first of these should have a size of 25h18 cm. Among other things, it is necessary to purchase an iron plate, the size of which is 53h90 cm. Water-heating box should match the size of 35h35h45 cm, and the oven should be equivalent to the following dimensions - 35x35h45 see.

Featureslaying furnace

Before starting the process, you should be examined scheme masonry oven with hob.The first two starting number is necessary to lay a solid masonry, while the third should be a place to lay clean.On the next row mounted ash-pit door.Water-heating box, and the oven are placed in the sixth row.

In order to form a channel between the two side members of the oven, as well as in the box, the product must be laid on edge.On the next row, you must install the grate.Russian oven stove has the same construction technology.But the construction is also important to remember that the furnace is mandatory must be protected with fireclay brick and lining must be 2 cm above the oven.At the eleventh row should overlap to make water-heating box.Plate must be mounted on a frame made of metal parts.

Features work on the "Swede"

If you need an oven with a stove, you can choose the design "Swede", which stands as the most preferred option.This device combines the compactness and efficiency in a single housing.This oven with oven and hob simply erected.In this model, the oven must be installed so that it blocked the hot gases which depart from the furnace.This design can improve the heating of the cooking plate, which acts as the body of the heating furnace.For work on the stove you need to prepare some materials and tools.


described above oven stove must be laid with red ceramic bricks that you need to prepare in the amount of 570 pieces.Useful and refractory mortar to be ordered in the amount of 200 kg.It is important to stock up on metal corners and stripes.When made with oven and hob, is useful, as in the above case, roofing iron and flat slate, which is necessary for covering the cooking chamber.It takes grate, cast iron stove, and oven.

as particular model is the fact that the left burner will heat up more strongly, while the right will have a lower temperature.This should be considered when choosing the method of cooking.Stove with stove with your hands can be made quite simple.The main thing - is to be careful and purposeful.