The most dangerous insects.

no secret that the most numerous is the realm of insects.On the ground, in the water under the ground, in the trees and in the air there are billions of "subjects" of the kingdom.If you count all living on a planet of insects, you get an incredible number - ten quintillion.Not all of these creatures are harmless, like a ladybug.Most poisonous insects.There is even a kind of hits that includes the most dangerous insects.Of course, the danger they present, primarily to humans.

One of these poisonous creatures is a beautiful name womb.From the locals this bright caterpillar received a "nickname" Lazy clown, but a beautiful dress and a funny name hides death.This creature is covered with hairs, and each of them poisonous.A mere touch, and humans begin to break down red blood cells and the body are the terrible spots.A few touches lead to kidney failure and brain hemorrhage.The most dangerous insects of this kind a year killed about thirty people.

no less dangerous for us and Spider Black Widow.He himse

lf does not attack humans, but females are very poisonous Black Widow.Red spots on the abdomen of the spider will let you know and ignore it.

poisonous insects such as fire ants, recently became the "scourge" of America.In the States they were brought from Brazil.The new emigrants perfectly accustomed and become a threat.Nakatyvaya on any farm, red wave, these ants devour everything edible and inedible most of the economy.Their bite causes a sensation similar to a burn, hence the name of insects.

Yet another no less poisonous ants named army.These insects live near the three-centimeter Amazon.Most of them occupy the length of the sharpest mandibles in the form of a machete.Standing ant they have.Army ants marching steady system, destroying all life on the road.The poison they do not need - these insects devour the victim alive.The "ant" family included the mass of hazardous, for example, a bullet ant.They live in trees and dive on the heads of the poor tourists with shrill peep.This "battle cry" came running together another hundred or two ants.Their mandibles like a bullet hit any surface, but the poison is deadly.From Aboriginal
this kind was given the name "24" - so much torment last victim.

most dangerous insects are not always poisonous.A striking example of this being - gadfly.This parasite is perfectly adapted to any body.Gadfly are horses, cows, sheep ... Of course, there are also human tics.In our organism gadfly larvae helps get blood-sucking insects, such as mosquitoes.And this creature can live in any part of the body, even in the brain.

Another dangerous insect made man.American biologist Warwick Kerr crossed European bees with their African "cousins."The result is an Africanized bee with inappropriate behavior.It is enough to come to the hive by five meters - and a lethal dose of poison you provided.On the "enemy" These bees snapped up the entire company, and get away from them is almost impossible.

Well, heads the list of the most dangerous pests - Asian hornet.The wingspan of this insect is more tral seven centimeters.Also poisonous sting of the "sharks" of the world of insects and other weapons there.Hornet can spit acid.The jet it produces from its proboscis and aptly falls directly in the eye.On the smell of the liquid at a speed of 80 km / h all the surrounding flock hornets.Survive such an attack is impossible, that's why the Taiwanese are called Asian hornet "bee-tiger".Live insects are the most dangerous, not only in Asia but also in the Primorsky Territory.In Japan, a similar view of the huge size of the hornet called "bee-sparrow."