The wipe?

toilet paper all over the world has become commonplace recently.The treated before it?Rundown look at the bookshelves with Tomiki classics.If you do not shun classic theme - whether we be shy!

Here is the story of the ancient Roman historian Livy a proud slave-gladiator, who did not want to die for the amusement of the crowd and prefer to commit suicide.And he did not use weapons available to him, and underlined chose shameful and demonstrative method: stuffed his throat with a stick with a sponge.What-what?Meanwhile than wipe the Romans: Dried sea sponges, wound on a stick.Popolzovatsja - dipped in a pot of water (the water rose from the rich, the poor - just salty).

But - as without it!- Nice Francois Rabelais: in "Gargantua and Pantagruel" his hero a whole chapter talks about what kind of a thing for this purpose is better suited (ladies masquerade velvet half-mask, alien hat, the March cat, etc.).It comes to mind: a young gusёnok!

And now the era of paper the words: Lord Chesterfield in his letters to his son in 1747 recommends a nice way to raise the cultural level.Starts cheapest volume of Horace and combine business with pleasure - went to the bathroom, learned the verse, tore a page ...

And how Russia and "our all" - Alexander Pushkin?The same topic is not bypassed."You and I" - Sarcastically poem addressed to Alexander I: «... With the eyes of the proud despotism / Afedron you your fat / wipe calico!(Calico? Um, um ... Well, to the royal practice, we shall return.

I sinful hole / Do not spoil children's fashion / and tail stiff ode, / Though wincing, but labor. "Count Dmitriy Khvostov - famous graphomaniac Pushkinhis opus found its application. It is so not only with the Count has managed.

In 1829-m "Nevsky Almanac" (such things glamor magazines of the time, Pushkin it was printed for the money, although treated with malice) gave an illustration: Tatiana writes a letter to Onegin. Lush girl in translucent nightie languidly rolled her eyes over the written sheet. Pushkin's comment: "... Tatiana squeezes in his hand a piece of paper / Zane belly it hurts: / She then rose up / When pale months rays / And on the swab tore / course"Nevsky Almanac ».

emphasize that we are talking about countries in Europe (or so - European civilization). Paper is, of course, enjoyed the" middle class. "The servants do not dispose of old envelope, unnecessary letter, and everything that can be for the respective purposes handy.It was believed then folded neatly in a pile, strung on a thread, where you have to hang up.Commoners also ate hay, dried moss, wool ochёski, in villages - mugs and other assistants (pasture?) Means.Which - dependent on local conditions.

And the top of the social pyramid?Ivan the Terrible chose rabbit skins.Alexander mentioned Sovereign calico.In other countries ... Died a couple of years ago, a young writer Svetozar Chernov, the author of the most interesting studies of XIX century England, led a remarkable historical anecdote.In the commercials 1843 British Queen Victoria visited Cambridge.And overlooking the neighborhood, came to the bridge over the local creek.Not far away is just traditionally dumped waste from the local toilets."And what kind of paper you swim here?" - She asked naively."Warning that it is better not to swim here, Your Majesty!" - Respectfully replied the head of the famous Trinity College.

funny, Did the Queen purpose papers do not really understand?If so - from this fact it follows that then British monarchs have used some other hygiene products.And they say that it is the revolutionaries terribly far from the people!

There is light at the Muslim world - and he believes that it should not wipe away the orthodox and the washing of the jug.Well, the tradition - a tradition.Do not trample.Look, they say, Kanaks in Hawaii - and they believe in the XXI century that invented all these white papers at all "from the evil one."

Why - if the world still have shells and coconut shells?

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