When there were solar eclipses?

Picture this.A typical day: the sun is at its zenith, shining brightly, warming the passers-by, hurrying about their business.At first they did not notice how light appears on the disc defect.But it increases, partially covering the star, and then completely.Now ignore the strange phenomenon is impossible in the sky you can see the black disc at the edges which shines a small rim.Night falls, the stars appear.But after a few minutes and everything goes back to square one - the sun shines again, gradually getting rid of dark spots ...

reaction of people at a solar eclipse

clear that in ancient times, our ancestors were afraid of unexplained phenomena.If they are frightened simple storm with thunder and earth vibrations, what we talk about the disappearance of the sun in the middle of broad daylight.Solar eclipse they interpreted as the wrath of the higher powers.People in ancient times believed that in this way the gods warn mankind about the impending terrible disaster.Even now, in the XXI century, when scientists studied the mechanism is completely natural phenomenon, we still look forward to it with trepidation and experience, tying the disappearance of the sun with something scary and mysterious.

At any time, when there were solar eclipses, doctors advised people to stay at home, relax, do not address important issues.After all, in those days noticed increased anxiety, fear, depression or excitement.In hypertensive jumps pressure, people with problems of the cardiovascular system also feel bad.A person can be shattered nerves, he falls into a state of torpor.Skeptics say that everything is on auto-suggestion.But the opposite version shows another when solar eclipses were observed gravitational pressure on the Earth.As a result, it was felt meteodependent and emotional people.

mechanism of natural phenomena

Model solar eclipse is easy to describe incompetent people.It starts from the right edge of the world.The moon, which is becoming to him on one line, it gradually closes the shape.First, there is only the dark horn, then it expands, growing into a huge black disk.

In the second round the sun can be seen shining, the so-called crown.This outer layer of the atmosphere, which is negligible in normal days because of its relatively small against the background brightness of the daytime sky.Almost every time the tiara is different: it varies depending on solar activity.Above the horizon there is a pinkish ring.It is formed as follows: in the darkened moon light penetrates the area from other areas where there is not complete, but only a partial eclipse.

interesting is the fact that the size of the Moon is 400 times smaller than the sun.At the same time, it is 400 times closer to Earth than it is.Even cynics are in this kind of mysticism and mystery.


Without it can not do, because all the inexplicable and mysterious for our ancestors once overgrown with legends and tales.When was the solar eclipse, scientists minds of that time took up the pen to describe this amazing and also terrifying beauty.Pagans said that during a natural phenomenon occurs Battle of the Gods.The Vietnamese believe that the Moon and Sun - Two sisters of the goddess, which in turn look after people.Their husband was a bear that require periodic execution of virgins marital debt.He followed them, and when overtaking, the sky is a solar and lunar eclipses.

ancient Germans claimed the wolf eats the heavenly bodies.And to scare him, in the days of eclipses, they created a lot of noise.The Egyptians believed that the god Ra day trip interrupted when from beyond Apophis sees snakes and swallows the boat.Deity is struggling with a monster and has always come out on top.And the Indians in Colombia and Mexico have tended to assume that the eclipse - is magic evil demons.Their charms shone ill.All these versions are interesting today, when we study the culture of ancient peoples.Mythology gives us a clear idea of ​​the way of life of ancient people, their beliefs and convictions.

most famous solar eclipse

Historians have noted that the total solar eclipse is always warned about the turning point.The most famous, of course, that marked the death of Christ.It is known that he was crucified on Friday afternoon.At this time, from 6 to 9 pm the sun completely disappeared, and it was the deepest darkness.This phenomenon is described in the Gospel of Mark, Luke and Matthew.It was the beginning of a new human life, which is still trying to atone for his sin.

At the same time the very first eclipse that happened on the human century, originated in China.It happened in 2134 BC.People used to anything like this does not come across so sudden disappearance of the sun resulted in severe panic in the country up to the riots.In Kievan Rus as a natural phenomenon foretold Prince Igor unsuccessful campaign.It came when Prince was crossing the river Donets.Ignoring a good sign, he was captured and killed.

Another famous eclipse occurred in 1919 and completely changed the understanding of physics, thus confirming the theory of relativity.There was no sun, only 6 minutes.During this short time the British astronomer Arthur Eddington proved that a body with a strong gravity can bend time, space and light.

Solar eclipse in the history of Russian

They also influenced the events in our country.For example, the birth of Karl Marx, the man who changed the course of history indirectly powers, is also accompanied by a solar eclipse.Years later historians drew a parallel: a prominent politician and philosopher, was born on May 5, 1818 in the German city of Trier.That's when the sun completely disappeared in the sky.In Germany itself, this phenomenon has passed unnoticed, but it is well seen by the inhabitants of Russia, particularly in St. Petersburg.In that scientists see a certain mystique, because in Russia the revolutionary ideas of Marx were tested in practice, and Peter became the center of three revolutions.

Solar eclipse in Russia in 1945, became a symbol of the victory over fascism and the triumphant parade, which took place June 24th.By the way, the natural phenomenon was also observed on the eve of the test of a nuclear bomb and the death of Princess Diana.All these events are reflected in humanity, forcing him to rethink life, but is also very influenced by the many significant events in Russian and world history.

What to expect in 2015

Astronomers predict strong solar eclipse that will occur in the near future in the Faroe Islands.March 20, 2015 the solar disk completely hidden from the eyes of the people.Just watch this beauty will be, or in the Faroe Islands or in the archipelago of Svalbard.So much for the land.From the sea, the eclipse will be seen from the Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic ice.Some partial phase will fall into the field of view of Europeans, residents of the northern Arctic and western Russia.In our country, it is best to observe the disappearance of the sun will be in Murmansk 13.18 local time.

Whenever were solar eclipses, astronomers have warned people not to look at them with the naked eye.Otherwise, you can burn the retina.If you are going to see this amazing phenomenon in the next time, do not forget about elementary precautions.And then your experience will really colorful, and those that are remembered for a lifetime.