Which monitor is better?

Every person who is interested in computer technology, it is curious how the monitor is better.That is the choice of the accessories should devote special attention.All these interests - whatever they are doing for your PC.People who play, work, watch movies - interested monitor.It is responsible for the extent to which the user's eyes get tired.Among all other computer components, he has one, but the great advantage - the video card and processor quickly become obsolete, and the monitor will please your eyes for at least five years.It is he who is the least exposed part of the upgrade of the entire system.

Many do not even think about how better to monitor, preferring to count megabytes megahertz processor and graphics card.Many simply want to avoid extra readings assorted tests and reviews.One can say immediately and clearly - all modern products are safe for the health - and products that are not distinguished by their high cost, issued by the little-known companies, and those that come under the f

amous brands.Therefore, by studying the best monitors them carefully to one single parameter - the quality of the image.

However, there is, of course, such a thing as the diagonal - here it is easy to determine.If you're working with office applications, browse the Internet - you need a small version, see if movies and video games, the bigger the better.Moreover, the desired large-format model.

Image quality, however, is determined by several characteristics.Firstly, the viewing angle.An interesting aspect is - the deviation from the center of the monitor, the picture quality will remain the same.If you take the unit to view a movie, try to angle was as widely as possible.

pixel response time - the period for which the cell changes color screen, it measures the number of milliseconds.If it is a large - moving objects you can see the trail.However, the current models is not a problem.

When meditating, which monitor to buy, pay attention to the contrast - it depends on the breadth of the range of light and dark colors are displayed on the screen.If you need to force anything, has to work with a color or a photo, make sure this parameter, it depends on him whether the black so what is necessary, not gray.

Pay attention to the brightness - the higher it is the monitor, the image is easier to see the rays of light.

There is one more thing that you need to pay attention - the matrix.During reflection, a better monitor, be sure to pay attention to it.TN-variations are inexpensive, have low power consumption, but does not have good color fidelity and contrast.However, this is a good option for people who do not have any serious claims.IPS-matrix - the choice of designers and photographers, who have to work professionally with color.But these monitors are more expensive and have a lower response time.

MVA - a compromise between the two options listed above.

Well, of course, choosing a high-quality monitor, do not forget about the current fashion - 3D.

If you love to watch movies and videogames respect, you will certainly like the model that supports this feature.It is a technology that allows you to get the illusion of the third dimension, the so-called depth of space, by feeding the two pictures on the user's eyes.

Yes, and when you look at the store, which monitor is better, be sure to pay attention to the presence of the notorious "broken" pixels.The bottom line is that a guarantee presupposes the existence of several on one panel, so you can not exchange the unit obespokoytes advance.