Lunar eclipse: the impact on man and his health

Previously, people thought that the earth rests on three pillars, but today even the first graders know that our planet is spherical and moves in a certain trajectory around the sun.But the Earth has a constant companion - the Moon.From this article you will learn about the phenomenon of a lunar eclipse.The impact on people, this event certainly has.And you will also learn about this, read our article.

Nature phenomenon

Why lunar eclipses occur?The reason for this mysterious phenomenon is really simple and lies in the continuous motion of the planets.At certain moments comes one planet eclipsing shadow of another.

In this case, the earth its shadow covers the moon, that is, the satellite is fully included in the shadow of our planet.What's interesting: a lunar eclipse can not observe directly all the inhabitants of the Earth, but only half of them, where the moon during an eclipse rises above the horizon.

Why do we see the moon?Its surface reflects sunlight, so the inhabitants of our planet can enjoy its yellow "companion."However, during the eclipse of the moon is not just disappears (as, for example, happens when the sun), it acquires a brown color.People who do not know it, may not even realize that there is an interesting and rather rare.

This color (red) is explained as follows: even in the shadow of the Earth, the Moon will still continue to cover the sun's rays tangential to the surface of our planet.These rays are scattered in our atmosphere, and thus reach the surface of the moon.The red color of our usual yellow companion due to the fact that the earth's atmosphere is much better than it skips the red part of the spectrum.

What are the lunar eclipse?

penumbral lunar eclipses are (also called private) and complete.

At full moon fully enters the Earth's shadow and painted in red.This is the most beautiful and large-scale lunar eclipse.Impact on human in strength is maximized.

When the moon enters the shadow of our mother planet-not completely, but partially, then there is a private, or penumbral eclipse.

During a partial eclipse the Moon does not completely change its color.Sometimes this phenomenon is not even visible to the naked eye, and only manage to fix it with the help of special equipment.

Interesting fact: lunar eclipses are very rarely the same in terms of movement of the planets in their orbits.It turns out that the full repetition of the same relative position of the Earth, Moon and Sun can occur only after 18 years!This period is called the Saros.Its beginning and end for esoteric astrologers and considered extremely important.But more about that later.


Lunar eclipses always brings people to fear and terror.Even now, when we exactly imagine the process of their appearance, looking at the bloody-red moon, something in the subconscious makes our body goose bumps.

Almost all ancient peoples perceive this heavenly phenomenon as a harbinger of something bad: war, disease, drought.Many people believed the sun and moon spiritual, and during the eclipse was performed various rituals for the "liberation" of their bodies.

California Indians kumeuei felt the first signs of the beginning of the eclipse meal spirits ("nibbles of the Moon").They started a ritual designed to mitigate these evil spirits.

Toba Indians who lived in the jungles of Paraguay, believed that our satellite, the moon man lives and spirits of the dead are trying their supper.The wounds of the lunar man began to bleed, and so the moon turns red.Then the Indians began to shout strongly and forced their barking dogs to scare the general forces of evil spirits.And, of course, in their view, the ritual turned out to be effective, because after a while the moon and the truth is back in his usual state.

According to the beliefs of the Vikings, the planet during the eclipse falls prey to the voracious wolf Hati.Just as the Toba Indians, they tried to save her from the jaws of a predator, arranging the real noise and hubbub.Wolf dropped his prey and leave with nothing.

But there were other bright history.For example, Australian Aborigines Moon and Sun are husband and wife, and when the eclipse occurred, it was believed that the heavenly bodies spent time together in their marital bed.

That such mostly terrible tales and superstitions have long been shrouded in a lunar eclipse.The impact on human health, by the way, is also considered negative.Is it really?Let's face it.It turns out that some truth in this.

lunar eclipse - the effect on humans.Who is at risk?

deny any effect of lunar eclipses people would be foolish.It's the same thing as not to recognize the impact on us of solar flares and magnetic storms.We are part of all life on Earth, and fully belong to nature, like everything else.

Our "yellow companion", having an enormous impact on Earth (think only of the tides, which it controls it), and has a powerful effect on people.

most during lunar eclipses, you must be on guard:

  • hypertensive patients and people with diseases of the cardiovascular system.
    They need to rule out any physical activity, it is advisable not to go out.

  • People with mental illness and prone to such ailments.Lunar eclipses
    esoteric astrologers called the "eclipse of the soul."They believe that at this time the subconscious region wins over the conscious.That's why people are much more experienced in all the events of their lives, they become aggressive and emotional.

  • People who have previously been hypnotized.During the lunar eclipse the likelihood of exposure to any negative memories and emotions becomes much higher.

proven scientific fact: during eclipses increases the number of suicides.With such statistics have much to ponder.Here is insidious, it turns out, it is difficult lunar eclipse.Impact on human of this natural phenomenon is not fully understood, but as they say, forewarned - is forearmed.

impact of eclipse on women

The ancient people have claimed that the sun - is a male planet and the moon - female.And in our time of mysticism and esoteric it is saying the same thing.So what has the lunar eclipse impact on women?

Firstly, they should reduce physical activity.This is especially true for pregnant women.Dangers for them - a miscarriage, unsafe or unsuccessful delivery, entailing various complications.Maximum comfort - that's the main rule.

Second, do not be surprised if a woman can disrupt the menstrual cycle.This is due to the fact that from a physiological point of view of the full moon (and the eclipse occurs only during a full moon) - a phase of maturation of the egg.You know that all the inhabitants of the sea (from fish to shellfish) fertilize and lay eggs only on a full moon?It's incredible but true.That's a woman's body to some extent dependent on the phases of the moon.And at a time as the lunar eclipse, this effect is amplified several times.Hence hormonal failure.

And what about the kids?

What has lunar eclipse impact on children?It turns out they are exposed to satellite before birth.While in the womb, the embryo feels the vibrations of the cosmos, transmit nerve impulses.During the eclipse, the fruit can actively kicking and behave excitedly.Children

much sharper adults experience a lunar eclipse.They may refuse to eat, to become more moody and tearful.They are hard put to sleep and soothe.Do not leave children at a time with strangers, they should be surrounded only by family.

It is believed that during lunar eclipses the risk of poisoning and intoxication several times higher than in normal times.Therefore, insect venom can hurt much more.In this connection, secure the child from mosquito bites, bee.

turn to astrology

Astrologers to the lunar eclipse is taken very seriously.

According to them, start big business is not recommended.Remember the Saros cycle, which we described earlier in this article?Stargazers give it a special meaning.They argue that everything in our world is cyclical and repeated it in accordance with the period of the Saros.And if a person commits a bad deed during a lunar eclipse, this is sure to overtake his failure in 18 years, when it's a new cycle.

Surely you are interested in the question of whether a lunar eclipse effect on the signs of the zodiac?And the answer astrologers - yes.To understand this, here is an example: during the month the Moon passes all the signs of the zodiac, and if a lunar eclipse occurred, for example, in the sign of Taurus, the more likely will be affected by this natural phenomenon is Taurus and Scorpio (because Scorpio - is the opposite sign).

This event has a strong impact on all people, whether full or partial lunar eclipse.The impact on the signs of the zodiac is also happening across the planet and its inhabitants.

Schedule lunar eclipses in 2015-2017.

In 2015, it is truly exciting to witness the spectacle will be April 4 and September 28.

In 2016, the moon will be bright red 23 March and 16 September.

In 2017, 11 February and 7 August you will see the lunar eclipse.

impact of such events should not be underestimated, always remember this.

Signs and beliefs

time immemorial people have believed and taught his family: "In no case do not lend money, and he did not take during a lunar eclipse."Now, these words do not seem so strange and ridiculous.Now that we know about what is important lunar eclipse impact on people, different beliefs and omens about this to make sense.

So, what it is not recommended to do in the period under review, three days before and three days after?

  • lend.
  • borrow.
  • marry.
  • divorce.
  • surgery.
  • major transactions.
  • carry out large purchases.
  • to move.

lunar eclipse.Influence and recommendations

A few days before the upcoming celestial events abstain from harmful and heavy meals.Believers advisable to go to the temple and partake of confession.

If you are emotional and weather-sensitive people take sedatives.Even stronger in this respect does not prevent people to drink soothing herbal teas.

emphasize quality of purchased food as the risk of poisoning is increased.Try

with no one to quarrel and to lead a quiet life as possible.

Remember cautions astrologers about how insidiously lunar eclipse: the impact of negative events for a long time can affect your life (according to the Saros cycle).

Remember that during a lunar eclipse seems significant, then, most likely, will be forgotten and will lose all meaning.Try these days to be calm, not to raise anyone's voice, not irritated by little things.No fuss and do not rush.

Even if you are skeptical and do not believe in a lunar eclipse, the impact on the people of this "bloody" event can not be discounted.