2002 - which animal?

In the world there are different horoscopes based on different phenomena and myths.For example, the eastern horoscope, horoscope druids, money horoscopes, child horoscopes, etc.On a horoscope can define the features of a person's life, his fate and character.In this article we will try to learn more: in 2002 some of the animal on the eastern calendar.

Brief description of the eastern horoscope

According to mythology, animals have always played an important role for humans.Their images can be seen in the sculptures of the ancient world.After a time, the animals came to symbolize the relationship with the cosmos as "code symbols."

East calendar in another calendar called animals.Symbols animals characterize the country's light elements, as well as the year and month.

basis of calculation in this years calendar is a cycle of 60 years, who were divided into 5 small steps.One stage - 12 years (year).

Attitude "year - an animal"

year is the year of the animal cycle, namely:

1. Pig (Boar) - Year: 2019;2007;1959;1995;1971;1983;1935, 1947.

2. Rooster - year: 2017;1969;1945;1981;1993;2005;1933;1957.

3. Hare (rabbit) - Year: 2011;1987;1975;1999;1951;1963;19271939.

4. Rat (Mouse) - Year: 2008;1984;1972;1948;1996;19241936;1960.

5. Monkey - Year: 2016;2004;1980;1992;1956;196819321944.

6. Sheep (goat) - Year: 2015;1931;2003;1979;1991;1955;1943;1967.

7. Tiger - Year: 2010;1998;1950;1986;19261974;1938;1962.

8. Dragon - Year: 2012;1988;2000;1928;1952;1976;1940;1964.

9. Snake - Year: 2013;1977;2001;1965;1989;1941;1929;1953.

10. Dog - Year: 2018;2006;1934;1982;1994;1958;19461970.

11. Bull (Ox) - Year: 2009;1961;1949;1925;1985;1937;1973;1997.

12. Horse - Year: 2014;1942;1990;1966;1954;1930;1978;2002.

Year of the animal favors the person and character of this he has.Each animal in nature, there is present.The only exception is the dragon.

According to the above information, it becomes clear, in 2002 - the year of the animal.

features of people born in the year of the horse

People who are born in that year, have a strong and resilient character.Since 2002 horoscope - the year of the horse.

For the people of this sign is characterized by vitality and optimism, thanks to which they achieve success in business.Hard work it also is not terrible.Diligence and careful attitude to money from horse blood.

Fun, responsiveness and friendliness characteristic of people born in the year of the horse.

Over the life of the horse tends to normal life with a large purse money.With their help, she can afford a nice house, entertainment, expensive furniture and clothes.For the comfort of the horse is ready to work day and night.Often in the pursuit of money, it becomes quite selfish.

negative aspects of character

Users of this year, easily come out of himself - says the horoscope.

2002 - the year of the animal, it becomes clear if we consider the negative aspects and the human - horse.These include self-interest, opportunism, pragmatism and constant whims.

If the horse is very angry, her anger grow into something big and immense.Then the man, angry horse will never be able to trust her as before.

Horses in any case can not show their anger at people, otherwise it does not achieve the desired success in business.

person under this sign is inherent selfishness.He boldly step over all in its path, thus will not suffer from pangs of conscience.

horse always interested only in their own problems, to live only for themselves.Family horse does not breathe freely, so she always wants to live alone.

Peace will only be the case if a woman becomes the center of attention in the family.In this case, the horse will become a full guardian of the hearth.

What can people work-horse

horse always likes to be in sight.It looks good under any circumstances.She was the most suitable profession of journalist, artist, reporter, teacher, barber administrator.These people love to be the center of attention, always a lot of talk and compliments.

Since the horse is well managed by the people, it enjoys particular success in politics.The horse has a brilliant oratory, can easily overshadow the conversation of his opponent.Able to catch the thoughts of the crowd at a distance and manipulate it.However, if the horse will lose confidence in yourself, life forces her to leave.

addition of mental work, the horse is doing well and in physical matters.She strongly believes in themselves and can therefore work even in harsh conditions.

Every year is under the protection of elements of fire, water, earth, metal, wood.Emerging issues: "2002 - the year of the animal, a horse?" This period (from February 12, 2002 to February 1, 2003) is typical for the water horse.

person born in the year of the horse, always reaches its goal.Surrounding people imbued with confidence, and the horse itself will enjoy a well-deserved image.She was always surrounded by influential people.

Water Horse friendly, loves fun and friendly company.Because of this, the people make good pop and theater artists.

Talent horses helps her achieve good heights.However, the element of water makes the horse quite inattentive.It can even be injured because of his haste.

Women born in 2002

What characterizes the animal grace and beauty?Of course, this horse.Woman sign 2002 beautiful even in old age.She always likes to present in his house guests.Around horse lifelong circle of men.Their attention it perceives as a matter of course.The partnership of man and woman, it always takes a dominant role.But the husband can be calm horse, horse suitors need.Caution on the part of helping her to establish themselves in their femininity.She would never betray a loved one.With age, the fans become a fan of a caring mother, a good housewife and even become for her husband's best friend.

Men born in 2002

What characterizes the animal's love of freedom and the huge expanses?Yes, it's a horse - man.The freedom he needs for life.But if on the way, he met a woman he fell in love with all your heart, then a free horse turn into a person who loves family life and comfort.

Children born in the year of the horse

Children of the year is always very energetic and lively, they always have a lot of plans for the future.In addition, always show independence that parents are very concerned because of the many troubles.Such children early enough depart from the parental nest.Their own activity causes the horses to go to travel to distant lands, explore new planets.Some famous astronauts were born in the year of the horse.

In conclusion, we note that 2002 - the year of the horse: willful and uncontrollable.

people this year, like the exploits and adventures.They are talented, perceptive and clever from God.People, horses make life fun and cheerful.