On the eastern horoscope Year of the Goat - what year?

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Today, everyone can at least a little look into the future and know what to expect in the coming year.To do this, and there are horoscopes.In this article we will talk about that goat - the symbol of the coming year, 2015. How to meet her as she seems on the verge of, and what to expect from its government?All this will be discussed further.

taking possession

At the outset I want to say that the era of European and Oriental calendars somewhat at odds.We decided to celebrate the New Year on January 1st.However, it happens every East different times.As for the coming year, the Goat comes into their possession only February 19, 2015 (this will be the first new moon of Aquarius).Prior to this rule is to be Blue Horse, her predecessor.But to extend their stay on the throne stubborn goat until 9 February 2016, it should not be forgotten.And only after that date it will replace the Monkey.

the years

all probably already know that the coming year - Goats.What a year it still fit?So, I must say that horoscope is repeated every 12 years.E. After a 12-year cycle of the zodiac begins its rotation again in the same order.Kose is in the eastern calendar assigned to the eighth number.

about colors, the

sure as I must say that every year has its own particular color, and it is assigned a particular characteristic.No exception is the Year of the Goat.Which year, as well as 2015, would have the same name?So it was also in 1955 - the year of the Green Wooden Goats.However, some astronomers have adjusted the value and say that next year will not Green, Turquoise and Wood Goats.

little about last year

Goats Wood Green was exactly 60 years ago (1955).What was especially remembered this year?

  1. finally was officially signed the decree of the Presidium of "ending the state of war between the Soviet Union and Germany."
  2. At the end of the first month of this year, issued a decree on the preparation of the launch of the first satellite.
  3. the spring of 1955 began the construction of the cosmodrome "Baikonur".
  4. Also this year over the organization of the first settlement, which is also the observatory in Antarctica.

If we go back even 60 years ago, you can find yourself back in 1895, which became known by the following events:

  1. first demonstration of radio.
  2. This year may also be considered the beginning of the movie - the first time was made the first public screening of the film.

What will happen?

few words and I want to say about what we can expect in the coming year.Thus, Nostradamus said that at this time the inhabitants of our planet will begin to develop solar energy.Wang said that everyone should be afraid of a big flood.But commentators Phaistos Disk say that earthlings will likely meet with the inhabitants of the moon, that is. E. Occurs first contact with alien civilizations.

few words about Goats

We found out that the coming year - the Goat, which had been the same characterization - understood.It should tell you a little bit about the nature of the mark of the eastern horoscope.What can be said about the representatives of this year?These people are stubborn, quick-tempered, unpredictable.Likewise, in principle, and will next year.However, this does not mean that everything is so bad.Just at this time may occur such events, which no one expected.One thing is for sure: Turquoise Wood Goat will bring to the life of every person on the planet such changes, which should not have to hope.

Goat and planets

Next - Year of the Goat.What year were still the same characteristics - considered.However, I want to talk a little bit about what exactly will happen in the next year.

  1. Jupiter in Leo will stay until mid-August.This will be an opportune time for the family and all that goes with it.
  2. until 18 September the planet Saturn will continue its movement in the constellation Scorpius.At this time, you have to be very careful to financial matters.In this field may be a huge problem.
  3. And since Neptune entire coming year will be in the constellation of Pisces, which means that in the field of medicine qualitative changes.May be found cures for incurable diseases.

What else is important?

So Goat - a symbol of 2015.What else is mandatory to tell?So, at this time two lunar eclipses happen.And this is quite significant and important events for the inhabitants of our planet.It will occur April 4 and September 28.It is worth remembering that lunar eclipses - it is the end of one cycle and the beginning of the second.Therefore, this time, not too successfully for business people as well as for lovers.At this time it is not necessary to conclude important agreements.However, it is good to start a new life.For example, give up the habit.Also in the next year will be two solar eclipses.

  1. Partial - 13 of September.At this time (a week or two before the astronomical event) astrologers advise to buy real estate.
  2. Full - 20 March.During this period, it activates sexual energy, so there may be cases of jealousy and the problems related to this.

What to do?

If goat - the symbol of 2015, what you need to remember people who want to go through this time without a loss?So, astrologers advised to follow these guidelines in the coming year:

  1. not build a serious ambitious plans.All the same, they will not come true as this would be desirable.Everything goes in a completely unpredictable scenario.
  2. well to devote time to the intellectual development and scientific discoveries.Goat this year the scientists will be very supportive.
  3. And also very good next year to give birth to children.Wayward Goat award them very valuable gifts: the ability to think outside the box, to find a way out of even the most seemingly complex problems, and give the ability to adapt to various contingencies.

also need to remember that the goat brings and his native element - Fire.Therefore, this year will be quite warm in terms of the family.Also, there should be no major epidemics or health problems of people on a large scale.After all, the lady is very pleased with physicians.Astrologers are also advised to do the repair, all of this will end quickly and successfully as possible.However, we must remember that the goat severely punish liars and traitors.Therefore, this time, oh so unfavorable for politicians.At such times, always a lot of different exposures, and the so-called "launching into clean water."

Where, how and with whom to celebrate New Year?

must also be sure to tell us where, how and with whom it is best to meet next year.After all, everyone knows the simple but always work saying: the New Year meet, so spend it.So, first the place.Since Goat - a pet, it is best to meet her at home.No need to go on a tour of the guests, as the astrologers do not advise to be in public places - in discotheques or restaurants.It is best to gather all the house of his dearest ones guests and meet with them, the lady.As for the room it needs to choose not to close the kitchen and very large room.After Goat loves space, she needs a place.To year was happy and successful, we must first think about the entertainment part of the celebration.A lot of jokes, fun and games, as well as funny and dances - that must be present at the festival without fail.


2015 - Year of the Goat.What to meet this lady of the year?On this subject also has some recommendations and advice of astrologers.It is worth remembering that the goat - a female, so you need to think about your outfit in advance.

  1. should give preference to natural fabrics.
  2. It is best to choose the outfit, which will be attended by green, blue or turquoise color.
  3. Excellent also suitable outfit with stripes.
  4. not need to wear the clothes of acid colors - Goat is not approve.
  5. Sequins, tinsel, feathers - all the better to hang on the Christmas tree, decorate themselves so not worth it.
  6. As for accessories, then at least one of them must be wooden.It can be a necklace, bracelet or earrings.For men it can be a wooden cross.

Table decoration

are investigated further into the question of how to celebrate Year of the Goat.How to decorate a table - that's what also want to talk.On what's mistress should pay particular attention to?

  1. on the table have to be fish.
  2. prosperity in the house will bring fresh fruits and vegetables, put on the table.
  3. Well, if the table is decorated with wooden elements.It may be a breadbox, large spoon and so on. D.
  4. also have to stand on a table salt and saucer with pickled ginger.
  5. Well, how to butter goat?Of course, it is necessary to prepare at least three dishes of cabbage.

It is worth remembering also that the lady next year - a sweet tooth.Therefore, special attention should be given sweets.On the table must have a candy (lollipops necessarily), ice cream, whipped cream.

  1. to attract prosperity into the house, in the house should smell of freshly baked bread homemade.
  2. If a girl wants to get married on her desk in the New Year's Eve to be a sweet cake in the shape of a ring (r. E. A blank in the middle).
  3. dreaming of riches must bake a cake with the most sophisticated fillings (the secret of cooking then you can not tell the whole year).
  4. If the family wants to replenishment, should be on the table serves fish pies.

Well, all will appreciate a traditional Chinese fortune cookies.However, to formulate their wishes guests should be clearly and precisely: Goat is welcomed.


What else do you need to remember in order to properly meet the Year of the Goat?Souvenirs - that's what has to be taken care!Thus, in the room where the meeting will take place, the lady must be at least a couple of her images.It can be a wall calendar, a clay figure, or even a photo.Also an image or picture Goats are well hang over the front door - so no evil force has penetrated into the house.Well, if the farm there, the lady, it must be specially honored.Pre-need to wash your pet, well fed, clean their habitats.This concern for the Kindred will surely like wayward goat.

about gifts

What we "speaks" wall calendar?Year of the Goat - coming.What, then, you have to give their loved ones, relatives and friends?Thus, the gifts can be conditionally divided into three categories:

  1. to mind.Since scientists Goat favors, gifts can be presented in this way.It can be a variety of scientific instruments: Microscope - for biologists, scalpel - for a medic.If a person is far from the realm of science, it can give a beautiful notebook and pen.Children also necessarily need to present the book.
  2. of wood.Also very relevant are wooden gifts.It can be anything: home furnishings, furniture, picture frames and so on. D.
  3. Clothing.Well, a great gift will be Year of the Goat wool products.It may be a warm sweater, scarf and mittens.The best way - by hand.After Chevrette loves work.


Celebrities born in the Year of the Goat - that's what I would also like to draw attention.

1. Writers:

  • Miguel Cervantes Saavedra.
  • Mark Twain.
  • John Updike.
  • Alexander Belyaev.

2. Artists:

  • Michelangelo Buonarroti.
  • Vasily Surikov.
  • Andy Warhol.

3. Athletes:

  • Mohammed Ali.
  • Bobby Fischer.
  • Sergey Suhoruchenkov.

4. The stars of show business:

  • Pamela Anderson - American actress and model.
  • Andrey Urgant - Russian actor.
  • John Anderson - lead singer of the popular group Yes.
  • Nicole Kidman - American model and actress.

5. Other well-known personalities:

  • England's King George IV.
  • Shah of Iran Reza Pahlavi.
  • Chilean President Salvador Allende.
  • military commander Konstantin Rokossovsky.

And it is not a complete list of all the famous people born in the Year of the Goat - it can continue almost indefinitely.

simple conclusion

If the following year was Metal Goats, would have to be more wary.However, the upcoming 2015 - Year of the Wooden Turquoise Goats.Although it whimsical and unpredictable, but no one harm (the exception - the people, the negative sentiment).More positive, optimism, joy and fun New Year's Eve (as in our calendar and ET) - and then it will be perfect and rosy.