What is culture?

word "culture" has a Latin root meaning "to cultivate the soil."What is the connection between agriculture and human behavior, because it is for him are widely used in the Russian language phrases: culture of behavior, culture of speech, a man of culture, spiritual culture personality , physical culture.Let's try to sort out this issue.

What is culture as a social phenomenon?

Indeed, the relationship "man-nature" is the basis of the concept of culture as a complex diverse phenomenon.Man in nature has found an opportunity to realize their creative abilities.Human activity is the transformation of the natural world, a reflection of the nature of the activities in the products, the influence of nature and the world on the inside of a person treated as a culture.

Culture has some distinctive features - continuity, tradition, innovation.

Each generation bears the cultural development of the world experience of previous generations, building their transforming activity on the well-established principles, styles, trends, and, as a result of the assimilation of previous achievements, is galloping ahead, developing, updating and improving the world around us.

Components culture - material and spiritual.

Material culture includes everything that is connected with the objects and phenomena of the material world, their production and development.

Spiritual Culture - a set of moral values ​​and human activities for their production, development and application.

In addition, talk about the kinds of crops.These include:

- elitist culture - created by professionals, a privileged part of society;It is not always clear to the general society.

- folk culture - Folklore - created by unknown authors, amateurs;collective creativity.

- popular culture - mean concert, pop art, acting through the media.

- subculture - the system of values ​​of a certain group, community.

What is culture behavior?

This concept defines a set of formed personality traits, social importance, allowing base everyday actions on the norms of morality and ethics.The acquisition of human values ​​allows to regulate its own activities in accordance with the requirements of society.

However, it can be stated that the concept of "culture of behavior" and its rules vary depending on the state of morality in a particular historical period of Società.

For example, twenty years ago, the civil marriage and extramarital sexual relationship is strongly condemned in the Russian society, and today in some circles is considered the norm.

What is culture speech?

Culture speech - a speech compliance standards of literary language.As far as it is necessary to modern man can be judged on the increasing popularity of training courses.The high professional level requires a high level of speech rules.

In addition, the individual level of spiritual culture of the person corresponds to its culture rechi.Krasivaya, fashionable, stylish girl is admiring glances.However, it is worth it to open his mouth, like a stream of foul language falls on the audience.The spiritual culture of man there.

What is culture own?

Community - the phenomenon of social society.There are verbal and non-verbal communication.The ability to efficiently communicate, interact through communication with other people, partners, colleagues - socially meaningful as a modern successful person.

Culture of communication implies a connection of three components.

Firstly, communication skills due to the perception of another person's perception of verbal and non-verbal information (perception).

Secondly, great importance is the ability to convey information, feelings, partner communication (communication).

Third, the interaction in the process of communication (Interaction) is crucial in assessing the effectiveness of communication.

Culture - multifaceted, complex concept, characterized by a certain level of development of society as a whole and each individual.