The oldest profession, which is now no

about the oldest profession we all heard.It still exists But several ancient professions, which are now in the version no longer exists.

silver miner
In ancient Rome, silver was mined by hand.Young boy lowered into the narrow hole strong, very deep.Due to the fact that it was hot and there were poisonous gases, to live in such a regime could be no more than 3 months.But the Romans did not care, because the workers were slaves.

The same ancient Rome was famous in the history of the first prototype of the "sewer".But she was not the centralized, but each individual home.And when your dwelling is located on a large container with poo, I need someone nebrezglivy who will come and will take away all that stuff.Who is it?Of course, my friend Sterkorarius!

Probably these people succumbed to such strong pressure of water, which is often urinated (urinirovali).Their task was to dive to a depth of 30 meters, most often for the installation of building structures.The diver was a cap with the air in the form of a bell on the top and bottom of the load on the legs.The rope connected it to the surface.This work was highly respected and highly paid.

Porter privileged body
Despite the fact that these people were always well-dressed and well fed, their work can not be called easy.Imagine a ladder out of a hundred steps, in which you want to pick up the loins of the great and terrible!And if you take into account the fact that the "stretcher" inlaid with gold and glass, the problem seems not easy.In addition, it was necessary to carry the body gently, so as not to cause a syndrome of seasickness.

In ancient Greece, athletic sports were held in high esteem.To the athletes looked presentable gimnaziarh washed their bodies with special oils and lubricants.That they become, it was necessary to be a man of 30 to 60 years, and have revered status in the society.

Creator tablets with curses
This work is mental, but not less than napryazhno.A sort of modern copywriter.If you want to wish someone muck, you ordered him a plate and carried to the temple.Unhappy stuffer afternoon to listen to complaints of guests and the other half - sculpted horrific curse.Fortunately, many of these tablets survived.Here is one of them: "paralyze all members and joints Victorious, the charioteer of the Blue Team ... All his horses ... blinded their eyes, that they can not see, and clouded their heart and soul, that they can not breathe."

Organizer orgies
some semblance of a modern event-manager. The word "orgy" does not mean what we mean today. It was a grand dinner with copious libations, food and women. That sometimes resulted sex riot. Organizer of orgies had to ensurepurchase, equip the room, to provide room for guests to invite women, etc. It was not respecting the profession, its members did not like as a modern drag-dealer or pimp. But often resorted to their services.

Funeral Clown
buried clownWe paid for the fact that he dressed in the deceased behaved with joy, dancing and joking. The Romans believed that it will drive away the evil rumors and provide the joy of the deceased in the afterlife.During the funeral, the body of a clown running around, joking and grimace of the deceased, his manners.Some of these clowns were held in high esteem, and they were given the honor to serve the funeral nobles and emperors.

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