The history of basketball, from ancient to modern times

Today, basketball is one of the most popular and entertaining team games.It is worth noting that the history of basketball is very interesting.It's one of the few sports whose appearance was clearly stated - is known, and the date and place of its creation.

History of basketball

Despite the fact that he is considered an American invention of the 19th century, an analogue of such a game existed several thousand years ago.It was the ancient ritual of the Maya game called "pok-ta-pok".Fastened to the wall of the arena stone ring, the diameter of which practically corresponds to the diameter of the ball.Incidentally, at the time the balls made of rubber and no cavity inside them was not - they weighed between 2 and 4 kilograms.

rules are slightly different from modern basketball - the ball can not be touched by hands, on the theme of all the blows were deposited back, hips or elbows.Indeed, this game was incredibly difficult.The losing team was sacrificed to the gods.Or, conversely, the lucky winners were sent to the competition with the gods themselves.

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basketball history: the creation of the game

In fact, it is not known if he knew about the ancient "pok-ta-pok" inventor of the modern basketball.

young Canadian physical education teacher James Naismith was working at the Springfield school YMCA, in Massachusetts.In the winter, the only possible sport for young students was gymnastics.In order to somehow diversify the pastime of young people, the teacher decided to invent a new game.

First he asked the balconies attached to the basket without a bottom.The principle of the game was simple enough - the students were divided into two teams and tried to throw in the basket of the enemy as a lot of balls.In December 1891 Naismith introduced his "invention" students - so began the history of basketball.Next, the creator of the first developed 13 rules that changed and improved with each of the matches.

Hardly a young physical education teacher expect such hype around the game they invented.The first competition was held December 21, 1891.The match was attended by 18 students of the school.Interestingly, the first game ended with the score 1: 0, which in today's time is not impressive.

But the popularity of basketball grew like a snowball.Students, traveling on a vacation home, happy to acquaint his friends with a new, fantastic game.Pretty soon, basketball courts could be seen throughout the country.But rumors leaked about the new competition and outside the United States, because Naismith's students were residents of Canada and Japan.

history of basketball as a professional sport

For several years he was a real professional sport.Already in 1898, it established the National Basketball League, which lasted five years, and then broke up into several separate clubs.

worth noting that the stability of the team in those years did not exist.The law allows to change the composition of each of them several times per season.Before each new game structure could change completely.By the way, the most successful basketball players were paid one dollar per minute of the game, which is the time it was considered a very good earnings.

In 1925 was created the American Basketball League.Basketball Rules change all the time, making the game more dynamic, active and safe.And already in 1936 he appeared in the basketball program, the Summer Olympic Games, which were held in Berlin.

Today there is hardly even one person who does not know what basketball.Its history is very interesting for both professional players and amateurs.