How to start a business if there is no experience and money

How to start your business, if you have no experience and money?This question worries almost everyone.The business has great advantages over employment.It gives a completely different features: social status, comfortable accommodation, private vehicle trips abroad, philanthropy and more.However, in it there are also disadvantages: risks, competition, bankruptcy.However, there are now more and more people willing to take risks for the sake of benefits and new prospects.The only thing that stops many people at the initial stage - the lack of knowledge, experience and money.Conversely, the idea, understanding of how to start your business, help get the ball rolling and begin the path to success.

What you should know

To understand how to start your business, not necessarily a ton of literature study, held countless training.It is only necessary: ​​

  • First: define the niche (which need not be new, but it is desirable to close in spirit).For example, you love beautiful and fashionable dress.Then the business can be a store, boutique or stall clothing for: office workers, business women, regulars clubs.Niche can select any, if only you are in something understood.
  • Second: thoroughly ponder what might help or hinder business.Think about who your potential customer, he learns about you, whether it is convenient to have served.Is there competition in your area?What will you be different?For example, recently taxi drivers (not a new area), a new service "a drunk driver."It consists in the fact that the car come two drivers, one of which drove the drunk customer in his car, and the other goes and picks up after the first post of the service.
  • Third: to understand how important organization personal time and temporary workers.He does not tolerate laziness and disorganization no business.Where to start here need is to study its weaknesses.The people who will eventually work for you, need to feel that you know and understand what can be demanded of them.And this understanding comes when you improve your business skills.
  • Fourth: knowledge of how to start your business, is not enough to open a business.We must act!

How to get experience

There are two ways: work a little helper (or an employee) in a chosen field or to go to the distributors of MLM companies.And then, and another will give a complete picture of the business.So you will understand where lurk the pitfalls that you can actually expect, in the end, because it will be easier to decide where to start your business.If you have any clips, the thematic trainings, often provided by companies developing free or shareware fee, will help to get rid of them.Thus you will save time, money and will save up your nerves.

Where to get the money to start

the question of how to start a business without money, there is a simple and ruthless response - no way!Even if you start with the service sector, will have to invest a little money in their appearance and health.You need to look stunning, if not, then at least more or less presentable.Otherwise, you will be able to convince potential partners to entrust your business?Even on the telephone and the Internet - the first assistant in the business - we need the money.Where can you find them?

  • borrow from friends, relatives or friends.
  • sell something from the inheritance (car, apartment, German piano, a summer residence).
  • accumulated over 5 years working on 3 works.
  • work in MLM companies (there is, on average pay 10% commission on the turnover generated by the distributors that you've invited).
  • take the credit.Although this is the worst option, as there is a risk not to recapture the money in time.In addition, bonds are not conducive to positive thinking and improve personal effectiveness.In any case, there should be good to calculate the business plan and come up with ways to retreat in case of failure (for example, leave the countryside 2-storey mansion).

As you know, it all depends on the scope of activities.Sometimes enough presentable appearance and a pleasant voice, to organize a great event (for example, to invite people to apply millionaire) and get tens of thousands of commission.You can also organize a real estate company and make billions, not investing their money.All in your hands!Acting!