What is the calculation of sales

At present, the increasing development of market relations, almost every business owner is faced with the need to perform a calculation of the volume of sales of goods or services.This information is a major indicator of the effectiveness of the enterprise.

The first step is to define what the term "volume calculation."It is a complex concept that includes the entire volume of the profits that the company receives for the sale of works, services or goods for a certain period.To accurately determine the volume of sales, you need to be based on pure index.The net will be equal to the total price of the realized works, goods or services without the implementation of a loan.It is also necessary to make a selection.

This indicator can be calculated by the following formula: Rt = TxP.Rt - it's total profits, P - amount of the issue, T - the total amount sold.

If you follow this formula, it is clear that the profit depends on the volume of production and its value.

But if we need to perform a calculation for the amount of the enterprise with perfect competition policy, it turns out that T - is constant.And in this case we have out model in which the index function depends on the volume of products sold, services or works.

Finally, compiling a perfect formula by which you can perform the calculation of sales volume, it should be noted that it is important to take into account the amount of costs.Since they are directly dependent on the volume of production.In other words, the cost becomes greater with increasing output.Consequently, the sales volume of services provided, or the sales of products that the company produces is directly proportional to depend on the number of the issued goods, works or services provided.In this case, the formula for calculating the volume will look like this: C = Rt -Ct.Where C - is a measure of the volume of sales, Ct - an indicator of the overall costs.

It is worth noting that it is not necessary to focus on the large quantities of goods produced.Since the increase in production leads to an increase in costs, which over time may reduce profits and cause damage.

Tip: The calculation of the volume of sales, you should pay attention to the main aspect - the correct calculation of the volume of produced goods, works or services provided, in which the company receives the highest profit for the period.To do this, perform the calculation of sample size.

sample size - a quantitative measure of the elements that need to be explored.It is set on the basis of certain pre-regulated conditions.For example, in the study of public opinion for the marketing research the client is aware that the sample of 2000-3000 people.Therefore, he recommends following this number.

Also, the sample size is determined based on an analysis of statistics.This method is needed to determine the minimum index, provided a sufficiently accurate result.Usually this is done by limiting the value of the study.