Anti-Hitler coalition

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anti-Hitler coalition can be called Union, emerged overnight.Tensions and conflicts between participants taking potshots at it throughout its existence.What is the reason for the fragility of this alliance?

How it all began

origins association, went down in history as the "anti-Hitler coalition," are in a contractual relationship that existed between the UK, France, Poland and other European countries.In September 1939, after Germany invaded Poland, these states went to war.So there was a coalition "of Western allies," which began with the creation of the anti-Hitler coalition.

Until 1941, the Soviet Union in this coalition was not included.Germany signed a nonaggression pact made such alliances are not only unnecessary, but also disadvantageous because during the years 1939-1940.The Soviet Union without any loss of acquired new territory: Western Ukraine, Western Byelorussia, Baltic states, Bessarabia and Northern Bukovina.But the June 22, 1941 the situation changed radically

Now the interests of the USSR and the Western states were identical.On 22 June the head of the British government, Winston Churchill declared its readiness to assist the Soviet Union in the war.A couple of days later, a similar statement was made by US President Franklin Roosevelt.After the surrender of France in 1940, the British, in fact, were the Nazis and their allies alone.The Wehrmacht was about to carry out the landing could the British Isles, and in the Pacific British colonies threatened Japan, speaking in the war on Germany's side.Feared conflict with Japan and the United States, had its own interests in the Pacific.Therefore, the anti-Hitler coalition needed a new ally.Already in July 1941 in Moscow a meeting of the Soviet leadership with British representatives.In September 1941, the Soviet Union announced the joining of the Atlantic Charter - a declaration on cooperation between the United Kingdom and the United States in the fight against Germany.Since the formation of the anti-Hitler coalition received a major boost ahead.

problems and successes

But soon after this event occurred between members of the coalition early friction.And Britain, and the United States was fine restoration of pre-war borders in Europe.The Soviet leadership to agree to such proposals did not want to.It then would have been attached to give up the territory in 1941.Because of this, the signing of the Anglo-Soviet treaty of alliance was thwarted.

Another problem faced by the anti-Hitler coalition, was a matter of opening a second front in Europe.Most of the compounds of the Wehrmacht and Germany's allies were concentrated on the territory of the Soviet Union, so it is logical to strike from the territory of Western Europe.But the proposal of the Soviet leadership the British side reacted without enthusiasm, citing lack of forces.The Americans first were on the side of the Soviet Union, but then went to Churchill's proposal not to land troops in Europe and North Africa.Because of these differences the second front opened soon.

And yet, despite these differences, anti-Hitler coalition was able to achieve his goal.US supplies of equipment and food were an essential means of allies.Especially important it was in 1941-1942., When many industrial centers of the Soviet Union were in German-occupied territory.It was important for Britain, cut off from their colonies due to the unfavorable situation on the seas.

victory of the Soviet troops in the Battle of Stalingrad led allies to take more decisive action.It became clear that the war turning point, and the western states began actively preparing for the opening of the Second Front, soon to end the war in Europe and prevent the Red Army to move too far to the west.In 1944, Allied troops disembarked in Normandy, which hastened the defeat of Germany in the war.

The closer to victory spoiled relations between the allies more.In April 1945, Roosevelt died, who was replaced as President Harry Truman, adjusted in relation to the Soviet Union more adversely.Finding Soviet troops in Eastern Europe also contributed to the strengthening of relations between the members of the coalition.When the main purpose of the Allies - the defeat of Germany - has been achieved, relations between the USSR and the West soured completely.Between yesterday's allies began covert confrontation, went down in history as the "Cold War" and a long time has created a tense situation in the world.