Grounding and vanishing

Experienced electricians say that if you are connected to the panel grounding wires and sockets and plugs are provided with ground contacts - you do not need to worry about anything.Protective earth and neutral grounding is necessary for maintenance of electrical installations of electric shock if damaged insulation.

worth to pay attention to the problem of connecting the ground wire in the water and heating pipes.We can not do in any case!This may result in loss of life, and you easily fall under the article on violation of the rules of electrical engineering!Her punishment is imprisonment.

Many craftsmen practicing simulated circuit ground.They connect the "zero" protective and working earthing-pin conductors.This is extremely dangerous!Most cases occur in the burning-off plate "working ground".At the same time on the computer or refrigerator and other devices 220 is formed.As in the first case, the victims can not be avoided, with the only difference being that there is no one to bear the responsibility, except the one who made the connection.Most often suffer from the owners themselves, saving on call a professional electrician.

grounding and vanishing usually used as one of the security options.The main body of the electrical panel at each floor has zero potential, which passes through the plate, has contact with the housing by bolting.Zero Guides apartments, located on the floor, too, are connected to the body panel.Each end is brought to its bolt, here is connected conductor "grounding" or "vanishing", as you prefer to call it.

Electricity - this is a great, but quite dangerous force.Despite the fact that it has long been described, counted, compiled various tables, affecting their volumes, the regulatory framework, which determines the sinusoidal electric signals in the frequency of 50 Hz, plunges neophytes in awe and panic.One of the frequent questions becomes grounding and vanishing.Contradictory opinions on the subject are unclear.How to establish the truth in this difficult and serious in fact, matter?Protective grounding and vanishing requires more careful and responsible consideration.Electrical

on the electrical system is divided into: the settings that are greater than 1 kV network effectively grounded or insulated neutral.For the first case provided for work with high currents, the second - with small and short to ground.There are also up to 1kV electrical network.For them, provided Solidly earthed and isolated neutral.In most office and apartment buildings in Russia use earthed option.

The principle of a scheme called grounding and vanishing.After contact

voltage or phase of a metal housing coupled to zero, occurs in the network short-circuiting.At this point, the current is increased to enormous quantities.This causes instantaneous tripping devices, responsible for the safety and protection.They serve as fuses, circuit breakers.They promptly shut off the line that feeds the damaged device.In any case, there is a regulation-time PUE to automatically disconnect the faulty line.

vanishing and the ground is carried out by special conductors provided for such cases.In this single-phase wiring can be a third conductor of the cable or wire.In order to protect the machine shut down at the scheduled time, the resistance "phase-zero" in the loop should be small.To vanishing and the ground to be effective, the installation of the network connections and apply very strict quality requirements.In addition to quick disconnect power from the damaged line, grounded neutral, and vanishing in this case ensures a low voltage.When you touch the person to the body of the appliance is completely eliminated the likelihood of electric shock.When grounded neutral, vanishing is a specific kind of ground.