Greenhouse "Dayas": reviews.

Almost every owner of a country house or villa has a desire to engage in subsistence farming - growing vegetables, develop luxury beds and greenhouses.A chief assistant in the incarnation of all the ideas into practice are conventional greenhouses.After all, by planting seeds in greenhouses of different cultures can be grown resistant to various climatic conditions and the seedlings will soon enjoy a splendid crop of vegetables or beautiful flower beds flowering plants.

What gardeners use greenhouses?

Many may wonder why you need to use a greenhouse, you can sow the seeds if and during the onset of the heat?This tool allows you to get early crops, but also contributes to growing vegetables in areas which do not differ in the length of daylight during the day and warm.After all, the name of the "greenhouse" speaks for itself.This device, which protects the sprouts seedlings from low temperatures, abrupt change of weather from wind gusts and hail, insect repellent, provides the optimal moist conditions.

often in greenhouses grow vegetables such as radishes, tomatoes, cabbage, lettuce.

How greenhouses gardeners prefer professionals?

Experienced gardeners are most attracted to greenhouses to give simplified design.There are, of course, and those who wants to tinker with the construction of greenhouses cumbersome, but this case requires not only a lot of free time, but also considerable financial costs.Greenhouse plants are designed to grow large amounts of seedlings and Greenhouse - a version for home cultivation of any crop.

Most often they do not have any bulky skeletons, they do not use polypropylene or glass, not constructing special foundation.In most cases, it is a portable device which can be the growth of seedlings placed on other parts of the garden or the garden.

Due to its lightweight construction greenhouses may be small, for shelter beds on the lawn.Here's a mini-greenhouse can protect plants from frost during the winter or to promote the cultivation of heat-loving flowers in early spring for early decorations beds.

This version is compact and easy to maintain.Greenhouses for cottages may be a longitudinal, which contribute to covering long beds in the garden.

These two examples are made of plastic tubes and a covering conventional film material.To build this uncomplicated teplichku do not need a lot of fancy, just the presence of auxiliary materials.And mini-greenhouse greenhouse and longitudinal - a home-made options.To a device for growing sprouts served for several years, it is necessary to pay attention not only durable arcs, but also covering materials.The film for the greenhouse should not be too thin.

more comfortable to use the options available industrial enterprises.Particular attention is paid to gardeners greenhouse ready "Dayas" production Samara company "Dayas" which improved project execution improvised devices for growing seedlings.

What is the greenhouse frame "Dayas"?

framing the basis of this model are the flexible plastic tube diameter and twenty millimeters.The assembly kit contains several plastic arcs, covering material, the legs to insert the tube bases, clips for adjusting the opening of the web.

material for roofing

Plain film for greenhouse use in the home during the creation of his own hands.But industrial production the focus is on hardy material such as «Reifenhauzer 50", the life which is from three to five years.This fiber, its structure similar to cotton, which is sewn to the arcs, and at any moment it can be raised to form a lumen for weeding and ventilate the greenhouse, as well as receipt of sunlight.

canvas though sewn along the edges, but is free to move and raise its level is fixed by special clips.

main advantages of production "Dayas" over other designs of greenhouses

in specialized stores for agriculture can be bought as a longitudinal version of the new model, and a mini-greenhouse "Dayas."The principle of their use in practice identical.

main advantages possessed by this model are as follows:

- the buyer receives a modular kit, which does not have anything to buy more, the project provided for the availability of all hardware and fasteners;

- light weight and comfortable transportation in assembled form, fits in the trunk of any car;

- elementary diagram of the apparatus;

- easy application in practice, during watering, weeding: sewn canvas mounted locks at the required level of opening the greenhouse;

- structural strength, which can not be demolished during strong gusts of wind;

- this model greenhouse easily portable to another location area;

- long life covering material compared to conventional film.

During putting on sale greenhouse "Dayas", the price of which is much lower in comparison with analogues, has won the trust of many fans growing sprouts at home.High demand is explained by the elementary scheme of operation.

How to install a greenhouse "Dayas"?

reviews positive character of this greenhouse mostly relate to ease of assembly and installation kit.It does not need foundation base.Available feet for insertion of plastic pipes are fixed in the ground at a desired distance.Cloth greenhouse straightened, it is inserted as the unwinding of the arc, after which a certain tension in the fixed structure inserted in the ground leg.

Stability greenhouse depends on the tension of the covering material, the ends of which are fixed by means of tying thread around a solid wooden pegs at the beginning and the end of construction.

customer review

How manifests itself in deeds greenhouse "Dayas"?Reviews gardeners about its effectiveness and functionality, they are unanimous, they are advised to buy it unconditionally.Very much like the ease of design.After all, the beds often work just like a woman, which is very comfortable on the issue of migration is a greenhouse "Dayas."Reviews and relate to it as a covering material.This is no ordinary film, it does not need to shoot, then again tighten.Fixing the fabric by means of clips saves time and effort in the care of seedlings.

in makeshift structures the film lies on the arc, not sewn along them.A gust of wind can pluck it, and during operation have to look for options for its fastening, inserted into the ground arc are unstable and at any moment can arise.Another thing greenhouse "Dayas."Reviews Many practitioners also put emphasis on the fact that you can buy a greenhouse models with different dimensional characteristics.

What can serve as a model based on plastic arcs?

Elementary scheme of collecting and cleaning causes greenhouse comfort and storage in the back room to the next season seedlings.Plastic pipes - a solid foundation that can last for more than twenty years.New covering material is designed for use within three to five seasons seedling.After a specified period of time it is recommended to replace.The manufacturer made sure that the buyer of this design had the opportunity at any time to get not only a holistic package, but some of its components.

How much is a design?

Where and for how much you can buy a greenhouse "Dayas"?The price of Greenhouses of this model range from nine to fifteen thousand rubles per set.The cost depends on the size characteristics.Buy greenhouse kits can be directly in the online shop of the manufacturer, as well as in dealer outlets.When choosing a greenhouse should be careful, because today you can not buy the original product and its forgery, which is characterized substandard Covering film material and the lack of legs to insert the arc into the ground.

Elementary kit can not be higher than a thousand rubles, because its elements are inexpensive components complete greenhouse construction.

Why waste time inventing new construction greenhouse, if the manufacturer offers a modern low-cost, ready and very comfortable option?