Which amplifier for the subwoofer vybrati whether it is necessary at all

you bought subwoofer or column, but do not know whether it is worth spending money on an amplifier for the subwoofer.This issue is not particularly difficult for professionals.And we will try to find out what the advantages of such amplifiers, and what you need to first pay attention to the installation.

Buy cheap passive subwoofer and connect directly to the car stereo, of course, possible.After all, she supernavorochennogo built-in amplifier, and it "may" give out 50 watts per channel.Let's just sort out the shortcomings of this method.Decide exactly what you need from the subwoofer.Do you want to feel subnizkie frequency or you need a loud subwoofer, which will not only increase the volume of the bass, but also brings into play elements such as buzz and pohripyvanie.We need a second one?Feel free to choose the channel on the recorder victim and embed your subwoofer.In order not to face complete disappointment by buying you need an amplifier for the subwoofer.

Surely you know that you can buy a p

owered subwoofer.Yes, this engineering marvel, of course, there is.They call these "barrels" / "boxes" active.As a rule, equipped with all necessary, and this crossover and equalizer, and the frequency filter.Such columns are different in value from the passive devices is at least two times.They are easy to set up, give a tight bass and justify the expectations of the majority of buyers.But it is worth considering that the powered subwoofer, after all, does not apply to high-end technology.If you want to create in the car really high-quality sound, you need a passive speaker and clever master.

about how to pick up the amplifier to the subwoofer is best to learn from the experts.Better, of course, choose not to say, and ask people who are experts in car audio.Passive column requires a very fine adjustment, unlike active analogue.Yes, and installation of the subwoofer, is often more expensive price of the speaker.Worst of all, if the experts in your city is not.In such a case it is not difficult to learn how to pick up the amplifier for the subwoofer on the Internet.A good amplifier is considered firm Revolt, JVC, KICKER.

What can be isolated from such advice?

Amplifiers for cars, there are 2-channel, 4-channel, 5 channel and candy bars.With a rather limited amount of money, it is easy to buy an amplifier with output on two channels.The best way to support the connection type "bridge".The principle is based on the fact that you can apply to the subwoofer signal to the left and right channels simultaneously with a load of 4 ohms.So uncomplicated way the device is designed to support stereo sound is transformed into an amplifier for the subwoofer.The price of such a device starts at $ 150.Such amplifiers are typically endowed with all kinds of filter frequencies and overload protection and short circuit protection.Devices for four or more channels operate on the same principle, only if the two channels a "bridge" allocated under the subwoofer, then you have the ability to connect additional speakers to a sound reinforcement system.

monoblock, in general, is another story.These devices are usually created for the powerful acoustics.Such an amplifier for the subwoofer usually has a nominal capacity of 100W and supports the load of 1 ohm.To him it is best to connect only one speaker, but not ruled out support for two, well, a maximum of three speakers.There are such devices between $ 200 and are most often used by professionals, not only as an amplifier for the subwoofer, but also for the individual support of each and every channel speaker system.In any case, you only have to deal with, and I hope that this information will help you with this.