How to connect your laptop to the TV, and not only ...

In this article I would like to share their experiences on the connection of household equipment and propose to begin with, how to connect a laptop to the TV.

When I bought my first laptop, I was happy for a long time its mobility and compact size.But after a while I had a desire to see their favorite movies and photos on a big TV screen, and I began to look for ways to connect your laptop to your TV.

Typing in a search engine: "How do I connect the laptop to the TV?" I got a large number of responses and recommendations.I will try to systematize received my instructions.

checks both device for input and output to connect them.Modern technology offers us three major types of ports and connectors, is:

1. uses a four analog video connector - S-video.Using this connector, you need only one cable to connect devices.

2. Plug, pispolzuemy for conventional connection to the computer monitor - VGA.He has fifteen contacts and uses analog technology.Multimedia data transmitted from this terminal, do not

lose their qualities.This is the easiest way and the most common.

3. Digital rectangular port with 24 pins - DVI.On laptops it comes quite rare, but in desktops used very often, and is already beginning to displace standard connector VGA.

In my case, the laptop and turned on the TV connector VGA.Since I use the Windows 7 operating system, connectivity issues I have not encountered since the operating system itself is practically all define and configure.

And if you did, then connect the VGA cable to both devices, the picture has not appeared on the big screen, you must go to "Control Panel", then "Display Settings" in this section to manually set the parameters of the expansion and the screen,to which you want to display the image.

Here we briefly to figure out how to connect your laptop to your TV, go to the next case - how to connect the TV to the wifi.

Finally, there was such a convenient thing as wi-fi.What this means a direct connection?

Since it is possible to wirelessly interconnect a wide variety of devices, for example, two or more computers (laptop), smart phones, laptop and TV.In general, the options for building your small network there are so many, and besides, they are all without providing an access point and router.Connection setup is very simple and the technology is completely safe, because it is based on the WPA2 ™ encryption.In general, this technology works in a similar Bluetooth connection only at a rate 12 times faster and with greater coverage area.

Before you connect the TV to the wifi, I tried to connect it via a smartphone.Firstly, the TV must purchase an additional adapter (in order that he could receive and consider input signals).In the process of connecting the device, sharing information about yourself, check the compatibility of work and request the password for the connection.In my case, a virtual access point serves as a smartphone as a functional unit.

more in this article could describe how to connect the TV to a router, but this is a time-consuming process that most users prefer to consult specialists.

inexperienced users should pay more attention to such factors as compatibility between devices is correct route and registration forwarding data.Highlights - Setting the parameters corresponding to the requirements.

can summarize (my opinion) - the connection settings are best left to professionals.So how to connect the TV to a router - this is a very serious process.But if you do not be lazy and find detailed instructions on the Internet, how to connect the TV to a router, you can safely consider yourself an expert, and configure data connection.