Pets and newborn

course, any parent trying to protect their crumbs from all unnecessary contact.What to do if a family has a pet?How closely should contact the baby with him?

Every psychologist will tell you that communication with the baby animals a positive influence on him.According to them, even babies can sense the interest of animals to her, knowing at the same time a sense of intimacy and warmth.For infants and pet immediately became friends, it is necessary during pregnancy is not only morally prepare family members for a baby, but also to set up this pet.For example, during a walk with the dog to come to visit friends who already have children.There will need to see how the animal belongs to him.

can prepare your pet and follows.While mom with a child is in the hospital, you need to bring home a thing of the newborn, such as a diaper and let him sniff the cat whether the dog.Before the advent of the baby at home, requires examination of the animal by a veterinarian.Also, when we first met, to consolidate the good relations pet to the baby, you can give him something tasty or interesting, such as tasty toy store-bought "Pet."But sometimes even these methods do not help to teach a pet to the baby.Therefore, during pregnancy, you need a little less to pay attention to them than usual.Then the pet will not be jealous of the fact that attention is now being paid not to him.

When the child reaches six months, must begin to teach it to certain rules of communication with pets.It is necessary to explain to the kid that likes animals, and what not.For example, it is not necessary to stroke his belly, and it is better to scratch behind his ear.

should also explain to the child that it is not necessary to torture the animal.Especially prevent him to sleep or eat, that at this time you need to leave him alone.It is very important if you are going to visit friends who have pets, keep track of a child, otherwise there can be a very unpleasant situation.If the child is afraid of a pet, you should teach them to communicate with each other gradually.But, in any case, do not leave them alone, even if the relationship of the animal and the child had very friendly.Children's room should be banned for the animal.

As for the dogs, they never admit a new member of the family as host.Therefore it is necessary to teach her to recognize the baby.Of course the best option when there is a dog in the family after the birth of a baby, and they grow up together.But here, too, initially it is worth considering whether there is enough space in the apartment for the replenishment of the family, there will be enough free time to walk the dog, to be engaged with it, there will be enough resources to provide full rations to the animal and other necessary things.Most importantly - do I need a pet on long enough.It is also important to take some precautions if there is an animal in the house.

- Firstly, to visit the vet.Otherwise, the child can transmit different pathogens - fleas, worms and so on tape.

- Second, to avoid an animal in the child's room.Otherwise, for example, the baby may receive allergy.

Once one family member pat a pet it is necessary to wash your hands.And most importantly - the animal should be taken all the necessary vaccinations.By following all necessary precautions, you can bring great joy of pet not only themselves, but also the child for whom it will affect only positively.

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