How to treat tonsillitis: basic methods

Doctors say: "He who has the tonsils have to have tonsillitis.Just all of it in a different form. "In this disease the inflammatory process is concerned, primarily, tonsils, and despite the fact that they are the first to get in the defense of the organism, in some cases, become themselves infection foci.Before understanding how to treat tonsillitis, should know that the distinguish two forms: acute and chronic.The main causative agent is hemolytic streptococcus, much less its occurrence is associated with viruses and other bacteria.The main route of transmission - airborne.In the event that there is a chronic form, the site of infection in the body is constantly under appropriate circumstances and exacerbation occurs.

symptoms play an important role in the exact diagnosis and in determining how to treat tonsillitis.So, it is characterized by a rapid rise in temperature, the appearance of weakness, headaches and throat, that increases with swallowing, as is an increase in the submandibular lymph nodes.If you have a chronic form of the patients complain of regular angina, resulting in long-term inflammation in the tonsils are marked scar adhesions that contribute to the formation of purulent foci.

How to treat tonsillitis?

Treatment and prevention efforts begin with the rehabilitation of the oral cavity and restoration of nasal breathing.In some cases, it is sufficient to wash the gaps disinfectants.In the context of the medical institution conducted sanitation drugs and at home is fine rinsing.Some people used to handle children's tonsils enemas and with their help is sprayed on the amygdala, for example, the solution furatsilina.In addition, pharmacies were special funds for this procedure, such as the drug "Akvalor for the throat."Rinse disinfectants advisable to alternate with the infusion of chamomile, calendula and other herbs have anti-inflammatory effect.

For a complete understanding of how to treat tonsillitis, and should be told about the ongoing physiotherapy.UV - radiation, quartz, ultrasound and other effects on the amygdala have a restorative effect.However, it is worth remembering that in the course of acute and an exacerbation of the chronic form, the patient needs to be liberated from physical work.

doctors in determining how to cure tonsillitis, in most cases, prescribe antibiotics.The most effective is their purpose as a result of planting.With this type of research examines how the organism causing the disease is sensitive to different groups of drugs.

In some cases it is necessary to resort to surgery.Most often this process is necessary to address in deciding how to treat tonsillitis in children.The direct indication for tonsillectomy is chronic intoxication, damage other internal organs, which has arisen due to the development of chronic disease.

Thus, in deciding how to treat tonsillitis, the best is to use an integrated approach.However, in the event that the amygdala can not cope with its main function, and themselves become a hotbed of infection, the use of surgical treatment of tonsillitis is inevitable.