How to remove freckles - practical tips

First you need to figure out what is the freckles.It is melanin, the same pigment that colors the dark color of tanned skin in the sun, but in this case, the pigment appears on the skin is not smooth, and plots.This feature is not all like so many people, especially many of them young girls, are wondering how to remove freckles without harming the skin at the same time.

During various experiments in the pursuit of noble pallor, was invented many ways to help make the skin bright and monochromatic.To get started is to resort to the national methods: Masks from cucumber and parsley, lotions based on lemon juice.Hydrogen peroxide or vinegar is better not to use them to lighten freckles, but the consequences of side effects - dryness and flaking - will have to handle a very long time.

To remove freckles, can also be used milk products: yogurt, kefir, masks fresh mashed strawberries, which not only help to remove freckles, but also make the skin soft.Of the more unusual ways - dandelion juice and mashed fruit of sea buckthorn.But keep in mind the fact that greenhouse vegetables and berries are rather small effect compared to the dacha.

But we should not wait for effect immediately.How tan is coming off slowly, so lighten freckles and very reluctantly, and although the above procedure is carried out quite simply have to call for help all his patience.

Also, do not forget to protect your skin from the sun.At any time of year and weather conditions should be mindful of sunscreens.Even if the street is overcast or snowing, definitely should be applied to the face with a large value funds SPF, otherwise all efforts turn to ashes.Sun exposure should be reduced to a minimum, on clear days, the person should be pritenyat wide-brimmed hat.

If folk remedies were not very effective, you can try bleaching creams, their range on the market, is quite wide, so pick the right tool, prompting a sales assistant, is not difficult.

combines such measures can be taking vitamin C, which reduces the skin's sensitivity to UV light, thus preventing the appearance of freckles, as well as vitamin PP, having the same effect, but it is important to do so with the consent of a doctor.

If you still have not helped home methods, how to remove freckles, tell beautician.Modern salons offer a range of treatments such as chemical peels and phototherapy.At older ages, you can try dermabrasion.Finally, the beautician may recommend laser skin lightening, but it is worth several times consider whether to take such a big step for the sake of getting rid of freckles, especially since none of salon treatment still does not guarantee that there will be no more freckles.

before entering into such an unequal struggle, is worth considering.People invented a lot of ways to remove freckles, but none, how to get them.So, you may want to temper justice with mercy, and to make these spots his zest.And then do not have to invent new ways to remove freckles.