Accounting Payroll

Any businesses and organizations in the course of its business activities face the need to purchase those or other material assets, services or works not by bank transfer and in cash.Often, much faster and more convenient to pay for the goods "on the spot" in cash, for example, the purchase of office supplies, household equipment or gasoline for company car.Usually in this case, an employee of the enterprise issued by the cash report.

Accounting Payroll: What can hand out money?Under

report issued funds to carry out any action on behalf of a business or organization.In addition, cash on receipt can be issued for the coming travel expenses for the purchase of goods and payment of business expenses for official purposes for payment of work performed or services rendered by third parties, on the other economic and operational goals.Issuing a statement of cash from the cash issued a document, namely the account cash warrant that after registration must be signed by the authorized representatives of the

company or person the chief accountant and the head.

Accounting Payroll: Who can get the money on account?

take money on account, not everyone can.The company has a mandatory order should be made accountable to the list of persons who have such a right.Accountable persons are employees of organizations or businesses that receive cash advances on costs, on the occasion of the business expenses and travel.Issuing cash under the report only to the person who is employed by the organization issuing other persons is strictly forbidden.In the absence of a report on the accountable person has previously received advance the issue of a new advance is prohibited.It is also forbidden to pass obtained for any purpose funds by one worker to another.

procedure for cash withdrawal and account settlement is determined by the established order of accounting and cash transactions.To lend funds can both in the presence of cash, and without it.Naturally, I shall keep a record Payroll.These advance funds are allowed to spend only on certain targets stipulated in the issuance of funds.

Payroll receiving cash for the acquisition of certain goods and services, or for travel expenses, are made by the advance of the report on the amount spent.In due time (3 to 30 days) accountable person with the obligation to provide advance reports to the accounting department of the enterprise or organization documents proving all the costs, iethe acquisition of goods or services for administrative and business needs.In the case of unspent money accountable person is obliged to refund to the cashier of the company, while issuing a credit cash order.In the event that there is overspending and the employee had to add their cash, the amount of the overpayment shall be compulsorily compensated employee.Accounting Payroll should be conducted in an active-passive account.

company's employees can be sent to the head of a business trip, that is,a trip for the company for a certain period.In this case, in addition to cash withdrawal have to be formalized traveling certificate.He must pass on his return with the expense reports and supporting documents.

Blank expense report must be properly and fully furnished must contain information on the accountable person spent amounts, as well as the list of expenses.In addition, you must be accompanied by all supporting documents.Delivery expense report when granting funds for a variety of business expenses is thirty calendar days.Upon receipt of the accountable person cash on a business trip, returning from her report should be in the next three days.