How warm the house inside and out

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How warm the house?Methods of insulation from the outside and the inside are slightly different from each other, so let's examine each type separately.

How to insulate the house from the outside?

external insulation provides an extensive range of products that can be made of basalt mineral wool of the glass wool used for a long time, and Styrofoam (polystyrene).Before you decide the choice of insulation, it is necessary to spend at least a superficial acquaintance with the basic properties of the insulation, to understand the possible pros and cons.Moreover, the different types of insulation have a different price.

How warm the house using foam?Polystyrene has a huge advantage - it can be easily stick to any surface, and it also avoids the disadvantages of the majority of heaters - it does not fall off.Operating it is not terrible, it does not rot, it is not afraid of moisture.In addition, it is not sensitive to chemicals.The only thing that is afraid of polystyrene - acetone and gasoline.When involved in a fire, releasing acrid smoke and smolder, so the slopes of windows and doors need to warm rolls, roll out of the basalt rock wool.But the price for it is the cheapest.

must know also that the foam has a shelf life of seven years, after which the heat starts to acquire properties, which will affect the warming house as a whole.In addition, under the influence of ultraviolet light, he begins to break down irretrievably.

So, choosing the foam insulation, you, on the one hand, save, and on the other - doom yourself to hold new insulation in the next 10 years.

How warm the house with the help of basalt mineral wool?There are several types of wool products - slabs, mats, wool rolls and fiber.In each product there are variety - of aluminum foil, with a synthetic binder fiber or firmware made of baked wire.

For the insulation using basalt rock wool is necessary to perform a crate of timber or aluminum profile.

It is the most expensive form of insulation.But it will serve you for many years, since it is not subject to disintegration and deterioration.

Fiberglass products are based on calcium carbonate.From it are glass filaments which then break up into fibers.For warming the house from the outside like a heater as necessary to crate.

price of glass in between, that is - more foam, basalt wool but cheaper.This type of insulation as reliable and durable as basalt wool, so it is better to opt for it than the foam.

There is another way of cheap insulation of the house from the outside - vermiculite, which is refractory insulation material.Relatively lightweight, environmentally friendly material of natural origin - all of his dignity.This mineral is also used as bulk insulation, in addition, it can be added to a mixture of plaster and even concrete.This is achieved and thermal insulation and soundproofing.

cost him almost the same as that of the foam, but the reliability and service life is somewhat higher.

How to insulate the house from the inside?

In principle, you can use the same materials as for external insulation.The difference is that the thickness of insulation for the internal insulation may be somewhat less.In addition, the role and the fact that some wall insulation reduces the space of the room.

The most important thing during the warming - remember that it must be done on the conscience, leaving no gaps between the selected heater, because in this situation would not make sense in the insulation.

Do not skimp on the quality of the material, it is better to use the time-tested trademarks of the manufacturers who are already able to ensure the quality of their products.

Conducting warming are best left to professionals who will be able to execute it qualitatively.